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The Fandom Post Presents: The Year in Anime Awards 2013

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Kyousougiga Episode #06

Kyousougiga Episode #06

Show of the Year: Kyousogiga

Runners-up: Attack on Titan, Flowers of Evil

Attack on Titan

Right now, I’m certain a number of you reading this are wondering “How can Attack on Titan not be the best show of the year?” That’s a fair question to ask and even some of our reviewers may be asking it with you. There was very strong support from some of the staff for what is without question the biggest, most popular franchise to hit the anime world in 2013. Kestrel Swift stated the case for it most strongly, saying “love it or hate it, this was a phenomenon the likes of which I’d argue we haven’t seen in this age of worldwide simultaneous delivery.” It’s undeniable that AoT had a major impact on the fandom. But outside of the core group who supported the show, oddly it was absent from the ranked lists of the rest of the staff. It’s not from dislike or any sort of bias [I know many of the other reviewers have a favorable opinion of the show]; there was simply a large number of shows that were considered award worthy by the entire staff. No fewer than a dozen shows were put forth as serious candidates, with three clearly standing out.

The second strongest contender was my personal favorite, The Flowers of Evil. This was a true “love it or hate it” show for many viewers, though critically it has been highly regarded in many places for obvious reasons. While Oshimi’s warped deconstruction of a high school romance was bound to generate some controversy, it was the decision to boldly strike out into the (ugly) realm of rotoscoped animation, using real people as the models for the characters, that was the most courageous. The reaction of many anime fans, who recoiled from the more realistic imagery, shows that this was the right move, as the show is meant to shock the viewer out of a sense of complacency.

The strongest overall support, ranking highly on the majority of lists from the entire staff, went to Kyousogiga. What made it so special? Thomas Zoth noted that it is “a show that is easier to watch than to describe. The story of a family torn apart that ties in Japanese art history, religions, metaphysics, Alice in Wonderland, humanity’s quest for knowledge and belonging and giant robots. Incredibly dense visually and thematically, it somehow manages to just keep from falling into chaos on the strength of its direction and characterization.” Most other staff members also noted the power of its visuals in their comments on the show, though it can be a difficult show to talk about, which is also reflected in our internal discussion.

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