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‘Hamatora’ Anime Gets Third Promo

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Hamatora hasn’t had the most active of promotional campaigns ahead of its debut, but it’s getting a few things out there. The latest one is the third promotional video for the show which is being showcased by Avex, so it has a heavy focus on the music. The series was created by Yuki Kodama of Blood Lad fame along with Natsu Matsumai and the anime adaptation is slated for a January 7th, 2014 premiere date. The project is getting three points to it at the moment with a manga adaptation which will be written by Yukinori Kitajima while Kodama does the artwork, an anime adaptation that’s being done by NAZ and a game as well. The manga launches in issue 51 of Young Jump.

Plot Concept: Hamatora revolves around five people, specifically Nice and Murasaki, who part of a handful of humans that possess a special hereditary ability known as “Minimum.” The ability gives the possessor special power. Those with the ability are called “Mininum Holders.” Using their abilities, Nice and Murasaki (two teenagers) use their abilities to solve mysteries. The two of them and their other friends run their agency which shares the titular name as the anme. They operate their agency at a table out of Cafe Nowhere. The members of Hamatora get their first case when a police acquaintance hires them to investigate a string of serial murders. Due to the significance of the case, the Hamatora members are potential targets because the killer’s victims are also Mininum Holders. They have to solve the case if they wish to not get caught by the serial killer.

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