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FUNimation Showcases ‘OniAi’ Anime Opening Sequence

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OniAiWe’ve had a couple of clips and trailers for the upcoming release of OniAi and now FUNimation is bringing another piece of the promotional campaign to the table with the opening sequence that’s subtitled. The release their first subtitled-only release that’s getting a DVD/BD combo that will be released on December 31st. The twelve episode series is slotted at a lower price than normal, $49.98, since it’s a single language release but still with both formats. Extras include:

  • New Anime Features
  • Rice, Chestnut Shelling, Reading Aloud, Ocean Roar, Socks, Freshly Undressed
  • Textless Songs

Regions are set for A, B, 1, 2, 4.

Plot concept: When adorable teenager, Akiko, is reunited with her big brother, Akito, she’s determined to take her sisterly affection to the next level! But her BroCon fantasies are dealt a cruel blow by the arrival of three colorful rivals. There’s a blonde heiress with a fetish for plushies, a boyish beauty who yearns to serve, and a ravishing redhead who’ll stop at nothing to get her man! Every coy ploy Akiko dreams up is deviously derailed by robes that just happen to fall open, the flashing of come hither eyes, or scandalous splashing in the community bath! While Akiko has her hands full staying a step ahead of the competition, poor conflicted Akito can’t help but think: my little sister can’t be this…crazy!?