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Yusibu Episode #12 Anime Review

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Yusibu Episode 12
Yusibu Episode 12

It’s time for the final showdown. Will Raul be able to stop Fino from becoming the next Demon Lord? Is it already too late, requiring him to take her down as her father had been? Will we ever go back to silly fanservice comedy?

What They Say:
Episode 12: “I Couldn’t Become a Hero, so I Decided to get a Job”

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
No opening music, title card opening straight to the action. Yes, it is final episode time. Unfortunately, Fino is firmly under the power of the Bloodstone. With the approach of the Starship Ent…ahem…the approach of the old guy’s flying buggy we get treated to a lava stream version of the Itano Circus for a moment, until the gang has to retreat at Warp 7. Don’t let this serious action fool you, however. We get a fanservice joke rolled into a bust padding joke practically right out of the gate.

Raul has a soft landing during a rough ride on the USS Pervert
Raul has a soft landing during a rough ride on the USS Pervert

Back in the capital, things look grim as flying lava projectiles start hitting the capital, leading the Kingdom to declare a state of emergency and sending mobs of panicked people to stores in search of disaster supplies (so, this is going to be a good sales day for Viser and Nova, the only staff left at the Leon capital store). Things aren’t easy for our heroes either, as they need to make a crash landing and emergency repairs before getting back to trying to intercept Fino. Good thing they had Lore along, who jury-rigged the ship to make it work again (and she’s not even Scottish).

These are the voyages of the "Please don't sue us."
These are the voyages of the “Please don’t sue us.”

The ship finally comes down on the slopes of Mt. Doom…er, the volcano of Mr. Fujixerock, so now Frodo and Sam…I’m sorry…Raul and Airi are going to have to go through Houei Crater to get to the gate that leads to the Demon realm. Good thing they have Lam-chan along (though…does this make her Gollum?) to show them the way. Lore is injured, so Old Pervert carries her to safety, but not before she passes on a gift from Seara to Raul: a magic sword, the one Seara’s brother used. (We must assume her brother had been a hero).

A rather unlikely trio heads into Mordor…I mean the gate to the Demon World
A rather unlikely trio heads into Mordor…I mean the gate to the Demon World

So, our trio rushes into the entrance to the Demon World. For Raul, it’s just like old times back at the training school. Lots of sword action as Airi and Raul get to show off their skills. They get to the entrance, but only Raul goes in. Lamdimia and Airi have to stay behind, since if they don’t stop the monsters outside, they will just come pouring in after him. And, in the end, it’s Raul’s job to stop Fino.

We come to the final showdown. Raul catches up to Fino, but his efforts to talk sense into her fail. Time for the animators to show us they could do complex magic and sword fighting animation the whole time. It’s not too bad, with decent movement and excitement. Raul manages to disarm her, but the power of the Demon World is very powerful. Raul has to physically hold back the doors of the Demon realm from opening, for if she goes inside, it’s over, she will become the new Demon Lord. Finally, however, Raul seems to get through to her by making a declaration that’s short of Love, but kind of close to it. It involves showing her the order form from the very first order she took by herself. I guess Fino really just loves retail that much.

Raid is foiled in his plans, but it gets worse for him. Seara charges him for all of the appliances she used to stop him.

Disaster over, it’s time for the pleasant and comedic coda. Seara has her usual let’s all be happy meal at the local snack place they always go to, where they all compare notes about how hard it was to get through the event (with Viser and Nova claiming they had it the worst, having to man the store with only the two of them during a panic rush of business). Life is back to normal for everyone. The only change is the addition of one new employee (no points for guessing who).

Series Retrospective:
While the ending arc was somewhat disappointing and predictable, which is not unusual for anime comedies, overall, Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku o Ketsui Shimashita (I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job) was a fun ride that showed occasional moments of intelligence. It is without reservation a silly fanservice comedy and on that level works well for those who love this type of show. The female designs tended to be heavily on the buxom side, with a few of them (Seara, Elza, and Nova) being a little too generic, perhaps. Fino was much more distinct, though that was easily accomplished as she has her added demonic features, especially the ears, to help mark her out. So, a certain sameness, though the show as a whole was not without variety as Airi was closer to realistic, while Lore filled the tomboy role and Lam provided the requisite loli character.

The girls were cute enough, but the surprising strength of the show was the hidden flashes of intelligence in the writing. It is without doubt a silly fanservice show and I’m not suggesting that Yu-sibu was a groundbreaking example of biting social commentary or a satirical look at modern retailing and the less than savory aspects of it. But…there’s that word, but…there are elements of a sly look at modern realities which were slipped into the show here and there. It’s as if the original writer and the anime adaptation team wanted to offer a critique of modern retailing (the role of Amada as a giant chain store driving out smaller competition in a predatory manner) and the dangers of the retail-military-industrial complex (again, Amada, which intends to rule the world through a guns and butter strategy of providing cheap consumer goods made by slave labor–with demons providing the slaves–while also being involved in weapons and armor manufacture by restarting the Human-Demon War, which would naturally be good for business as well as make it much more palatable to use captured demons as industrial slaves). These issues are not explored in great depth, but the writers have laid it all out there for the viewer if one is inclined to look past the jiggling breasts and wiggling butts. There was also a very brief moment when Fino, in all innocence, asks Raul whether it is okay for Demons and Humans to live together, raising through a filter the whole question of ethnic/racial hatred and discrimination. Again, this is not developed and explored in depth, but for a show of this type, which usually is so shallow that it wouldn’t even get your feet wet were it a puddle, it was unexpected.

It was those moments of occasional intelligence as well as the basic humanity of the characters that make Yu-sibu one of the better shows of the year for me. Sure, the female characters are exploited quite a lot for their physical charms, but with these subtle bits of social criticism under the surface, you almost wonder if the original author wanted to write a much more serious story, but realized no one would want to watch it. So, he reluctantly decided to make a silly comedy with plenty of cute girls and slipped in some deeper material between the lines. The animation adaptation team ran with the idea, giving us a fanservice festival but also including the social commentary in short scenes, especially in post end credit scenes towards the beginning of the series.

In short, this was a fluffy piece of fanservice-filled nonsense, but one that showed occasional instances of wit (the poison swamp; the parodies of well known properties), heart (the way Raul and Fino’s relationship played out for the most part) and intelligence (the social commentary snuck into the show). Put together, it helps the show to rise above the pack and provide both a generally amusing time while also making the viewer have to think for a moment at times. Highly recommended with the proviso that you have to be accepting of pervasive fanservice.

Series Grade: A-
Episode Grade: A-

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