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‘GJ Club’ Sequel Anime Series Teases Begin

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GJ Club Episodes 1-6
GJ Club Episodes 1-6

While more news in an official capacity are to come within the next day or so, the official Twitter account for the GJ Club anime series has added a new picture while telling fans to keep an eye on it. With the American flag in the background, it seems to confirm that the new adaptation will definitely be focusing on taking the club out of Japan and off to America for their graduation trip. It looks like this may be more of a series of specials than a full on series based on the way some of it is worded, but we’ll leave that as a translation issue at the moment.

First series concept: In a very old building within the grounds of a high school, there exists a club shrouded in obscurity. Kyoya Shinomiya is coerced into joining this club, known as GJ-bu (Good Job). Here he meets . . . Based on the popular Japanese light novel, this anime series depicts the nonchalant interactions of Kyoya and the unique female characters in scenes you are sure to enjoy. less