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Madman Entertainment Adds ‘HotD: Drifters Of The Dead’ OVA

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Highschool of the Dead - Drifters of the Dead
Highschool of the Dead – Drifters of the Dead

Madman Entertainment has added another new item as a part of their twelve days of Christmas announcement program and this one brings a bit of fun to Australian fans, though digital only, in 2014. The company has picked up the 16 minute OVA for Highschool of the Dead with Drifters of the Dead. No firm dates for when it will be available in the Madman Screening Rooming at the moment, but it will be in 2014.

Plot concept: When an unplanned stop on a deserted island gives Takashi, Saeko and the rest of the ragged band of survivors a chance to expose themselves to something other than zombie bites for a change, they’re more than ready to take a break and let their hair down. Discovering the remnants of an old beach store, the entire group strips to swimsuits and sets out to make the uninhabited island inhabitable, but they’re unaware that this seeming paradise is actually just the dead calm before the storm.

Sometimes the recently deceased aren’t the only problems that can lie buried in the sand, and as the swimwear comes off and the inhibitions come down, a kink in the island’s food chain sets a truly shocking series of events into motion! You won’t believe what comes out next, but suffice it to say that the deserted island may not be so deserted after all!