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Yusibu Episode #10 Anime Review

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Yusibu Episode 10
Yusibu Episode 10

After being attacked, Fino seems okay. That was just the start of things, however, for those who are determined to see her become the new Demon Lord.

What They Say:
Episode 10: “I Wanted to be a Hero, but She Didn’t Want to be the Demon Lord”

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
It’s the morning after the mugging, but Fino seems okay, at least on the surface. Her usual self. But is she really okay? A week passes and Raul keeps an eye on Fino, looking to see what is up. Surely, it can’t be clear sailing from here on and it appears that Amada’s boss and his (demonic?) helper are up to no good as usual. It looks like they have a plan to use Airi.

But these things cannot be rushed, so we get a large amount time spent showing Fino being cute and not fully understanding how catalog buying with delayed payment works (she seemed to be under the misunderstanding that she could get things for free). Raul sees through Fino’s little act: her increased enthusiasm for work is hiding her unease about the incident in the previous episode. But Fino has a plan. She will work really hard and become the boss of the Leon Magic Shop. Then no one will bother her about becoming the next Demon Lord, since a Boss is more powerful than a Demon Lord.

Wait…that doesn’t quite work…

Raul's nightmarish vision of the future…or is it a nightmare?
Raul’s nightmarish vision of the future…or is it a nightmare?

Back on the Amada front, the Amada CEO’s helper comes to visit Lamdimia. The fact that she recognizes him immediately and that he mentions it’s been some time since they last met pretty much confirms that he’s a demon. His name is Raid and he asks her to help him get Fino to become the next Demon Lord. She refuses, but it appears that he has more things in readiness, including a menacing-looking amulet called the Bloodstone.

It seems that something of a conspiracy is at work to make this happen. Raul’s old friends (Blaze and Klein) from Hero School have been brought on board. They were the ones who attacked Fino on the night of the market “date.” And after trying to get Raul on their side (which fails), they kidnap Fino. Raul returns to the store, but Fino is nowhere to be found. That’s because she is being held in an abandoned building. At the same time, Klein calls upon Airi. It seems the plan is now fully in motion. It doesn’t look like an attempt at strong-arming her, however. For while Raid is there and assures her that she will become the next Demon Lord, Blaze also appears and confronts Fino with the knowledge that Raul had once been in training to become a Hero. It ends there, but one wonders if they’re going to try something besides physical threats to convince her that she needs to become the Demon Lord. Perhaps something along the lines of guilt-tripping. Because of Fino’s refusal to become the Demon Lord, there are all of these people whose dreams were shattered when her father was taken out. Behind the scenes, we see why Amada’s boss is so interested: he has investments in many of the weapons makers that went out of business when the war with the Demons ended.

I hate to say it, but it strongly feels like there is a rather simplistic ending in sight: Fino will be emotionally blackmailed by everyone else to become the new Demon Lord, but Raul will come to save her and save her from everyone else’s selfish desires. Airi will stand in the way. Or, it could be that both Raul and Airi show themselves to be true heroes, in a sea of petty villains, by rescuing Fino from this conspiracy. Or maybe that menacing amulet will turn Fino into an evil and menacing Demon Lord and it will take Raul defeating her, without killing her, to save her. I could well be wrong, but this is how it seems at the moment.

While the humor did not disappear entirely (and the fanservice was in full swing on many an occasion), there was a bit of change in atmosphere as the show became much more serious. I guess we have our typical “it’s the end, so this comedy will get dramatic” ending arc in the works.

In Summary:
It’s typical for many comedies to get more serious near the end and that happens here. There is a conspiracy afoot to get Fino to become the next Demon Lord. Raul, however, does not want to see that happen. The forces arrayed to make it happen, however, seem well prepared. A fairly predictable ending to the season seems in the offing here.

Episode Grade: B+

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