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Star Wars Thursday: Family Photo Edition

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Star Wars Family 1
Jill Blessing

Welcome back to Star Wars Thursday, a celebration of the wonderful and often wacky world of a galaxy far, far away.

‘Tis the season for family gatherings. For some reason, there’s always at least one family member who insists that each get-together be fully documented with an endless string of cheesy photos. This year, add a little Star Wars flair to the fun and maybe you’ll get a real work of pop art.

While the photo of my boys uses actual Halloween costumes, there’s no need to buy something you can only wear once a year to make it happen. A growing trend called “everyday cosplay” embraces the idea that we can dress up like our favorites and still be comfortable at work and play.

Pick a theme. Do you want to be Jedi? Han and Chewie? Or maybe you can all be rebel pilots! Go for an informal hoodie from Thinkgeek or an adorable A-line dress from Her Universe.

Star Wars Family 2

Star Wars Family 3

Don’t head out on those X-wings without your little repair droid. This tunic by Her Universe is the perfect addition to the family pilot shot.

Star Wars Family 4

Maybe you have younglings who would enjoy a photo shoot from the Clone Wars era? Her Universe makes Ahsoka tunics for girls and women and a Ventress tunic for adults. Add in some Clone Troopers with a little boy hoodie from Chasing Fireflies.

Want to make a bigger splash? If you have a lovely lady who would be willing to don one of these pairs of leggings by Black Milk, you could have a fabulous Han and Chewie shoot. Chewbacca hoodie is from Thinkgeek.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Her Universe has more dress and hoodie options (including Vader and Boba Fett), and Thinkgeek has polo shirts with subtle logos to add just a dash of Star Wars to an otherwise standard family photo. You could get everyone in the family to wear a different Star Wars t-shirt, too!

May the Force be with your family photos this year.

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