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‘Aquarion EVOL’ Gets Second Anime Dub Clip

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Aquarion EVOL
Aquarion EVOL

Boys and girls, learning together? Mass hysteria! Well, a muted mass hysteria in the way the latest clip goes about it for Aquarion EVOL, which is coming from FUNimation. The show is getting its second dub clip here that lets a few of the characters engage in some simple material rather than something with the action, keeping it a bit more mellow and friendly. The first part of the series is set for a December 3rd, 2013 release and is scheduled to include The Myth of Ten Thousand Years and Two Thousand More Returns and Textless Songs as the extras for it. The dub for the series is directed by Christopher Bevins.

Plot concept: After accidentally forming the legendary mecha “Aquarion,” Amata finds himself at a pilot-training academy where the flirty girls love to get a rise out of him, and the boys seem more interested in exploring mysterious holes and big bangs than harnessing their Elemental superpowers. It’s all awkward dates, hijinks, and threesomes until otherworldly beings start abducting powerful female students. As a mysterious megalomaniac plots interplanetary disaster, the fate of the galaxy depends on whether or not the hormone-fueled academy coeds can come together to fight evil. Set 12,000 years after the events of Aquarion, this series from the studio behind Fairy Tail and Macross builds on the mythos of the original while introducing a new group of lovers and fighters all heading toward one epic climax.

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