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New ‘Stripe The Panzer’ Light Novel Gets Promo

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Stripe The Panzer
Stripe The Panzer

Another Media Factory release set for light novel debut on November 25th, a promotional video has come out for Stripe the Panzer, written by Tamezou with artwork by Daisuke Kimura. Being a new light novel series, there’s not a lot of accessible information out there about it yet but you can see some of the material available for it so far on the official site page here.

Machine translation: Himekawa Kyoko is helped by being parasitic on the stripe of the universe life-friendly heart, the place where it was on the verge of death in a traffic accident.The stripe to come speak directly to the heart, Kyoko reveal that I was looking for a Rage brother who ran away from home two weeks ago. In fact along with the stripe that it is memory loss, Kyoko was to promise that you will find each other “things look” with two people. At such times, pants disappearance mass incidents occurred at school of Kyoko! -? but he will be Kyoko will work with stripe, chasing aliens pants thief  appearance was awarded heart full of pure comedy abuzz review meeting, the imposing Excellence Award!