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Yusibu Episode #07 Anime Review

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Yusibu Episode 7
Yusibu Episode 7

Who knew that installing a simple air conditioner could result in so much work and trouble?

What They Say:
Episode 07: “The Demon Lord’s Daughter Visits a House”

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
So, the “crisis” hinted at the end of the previous episode is revealed: while the nice old lady bought an air conditioner from Leon, it appears that her son bought one from Amada, so there’s one air conditioner too many. When it comes to price, however, Amada is charging 20,000 gold less so Raul does the nobel thing and withdraws the sale. While Fino as usual makes noises, not understanding what’s going on, Raul quiets her down, telling her that they can’t make trouble for their customers.

Before they go off, however, the son stops them as there is a snag in the air conditioner installation. It appears that the house’s magic supply isn’t strong enough to handle the air conditioner. Lore suggests they look inside to see what is drawing on magic power in the house. Eventually, they find the cause: a horde of those magic eating slimes we’ve seen before are living under the house and eating all the magic. It’s not like last time, where Fino just overloaded one slime and it’s over. This will take some strategy. Lore comes up with a plan to lure the slimes out by having Fino feed them a little magic to get them to come out and then explode them with her full power (we learn in passing that Fino has a frighteningly high level of magic power). The plan works, though it does involve Fino having to survive the icky slimes for a while. The plan works even better than expected, of course, as the son of the nice old lady changes his mind and turns down the Amada air conditioner (even though that involves a hefty cancellation fee) and instead accepts the one from Leon.

Because, of course, restraining and molesting are the same in anime
Because, of course, restraining and molesting are the same in anime

Bath house interlude. No need for further comment.

Time for the Leon staff to celebrate at Suinoya again, though the radio they listen to there reveals that Amada is continuing to make its move towards dominance, as they have bought yet another company. Seara says that they’ll have to use their own weapons, aiming for customer satisfaction, in order to win (which in this case really means just staying in business). Afterwards, Raul winds up having to carry Fino home as she is drunk (without having had any alcohol, but demons have a different body chemistry, I guess). It’s a hot night and it appears that Fino has an animal instinct to find a cool place, though the cool place in this case turns out to be Raul’s bed. (Despite the amusing caption I provide for you below, nothing happened).

Demonic "morning after" rituals are just different, I guess
Demonic “morning after” rituals are just different, I guess

The next day is hot as well and an unpleasant surprise greets Raul and Fino when they enter the store.

An interesting episode in certain respects. While there was the regular run of fanservice, especially naked Fino (strategically protected by objects and camera angles), it seems like it was not an important element for most of the episode. The first half was concentrated on the house call and the focus on customer satisfaction by the Leon staff, with a little humor but an overall serious tone. The tone shifted back to comedy during the bath house and Suinoya interlude, though heavier matters (the radio reports on Amada) were there, just pushed into the background. The final section of the episode, with overheated and very sleepy Fino climbing into Raul’s bed, to be followed by the two sharing breakfast the next morning, would seem rather simple but two of the larger threads of character development in this show get brought up. One is Fino’s simple nature being highlighted yet again, as she tells Raul that normally she gets breakfast from the Manager (Seara), which consists of bread crusts. She is getting a sunny-side egg from Raul this morning and announces that her aspiration in life is to have one regularly like this one day. But Fino also notes how she likes working for a magic shop and Raul muses over how it would be nice if Airi could come to share Fino’s simple joy in her work. Kind of odd coming from Raul, who doesn’t really take (as far as we see) simple-minded joy in his work, though it is clear from everything that has transpired that Raul has made peace with his fate and does take satisfaction in helping others. I guess one of the few messages that his show is pushing is the idea that customer service jobs have a dignity and reward all their own which comes from helping the buying public.

In Summary:
If all you do is focus on the slapstick and fanservice, it will be easy to miss some of the deeper and more serious matters that Yusibu brings up. While there are plenty of titillating shots of Fino, there is also a more serious point about the value of treating your customers as people, not depositories of cash from which you draw to increase your corporate profits. And there are subtle points about making peace with the job you might currently hold if it does not meet up to your expectations or dreams. Here, we see that customer satisfaction can be the difference between a sale and a wasted installation house call. Amada is also being used as a representative of ruthless mega-corporations that lack the soul and concern for people that smaller companies might have. It will be interesting to see whether David or Goliath will triumph in the end.

Episode Grade: A-

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