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Ace Of The Diamond Episode #06 Anime Review

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Ace of Diamond Episode 6
Ace of Diamond Episode 6

Eijun rounds third, but the ball’s already flying home…

What They Say:
The scrim continues. Sawamura has finally based. It was thanks to the advice from Haruichi Kominato. As he steps into the batter’s box, he declares to score a run. His batting turns out to be amazing. To answer the call, Sawamura sprints and makes it back to the plate. The first-year team gains momentum, but the Head Coach is ending the game mid way. However, he will let the game continue if the entire first-year team wants to keep playing. How will they respond?

The Review: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Eijun’s on base, but everyone else has given up. They’re double digit runs behind and the coach is about to call the game. But now we’ve got another big shot that wants to play. He has pink hair, he was in the opening and/or closing, and he’s had significant lines. He’s going to be doing something. The kid hits a ball that’s far outside and it hits just inside the right field line. Eijun slides into home and makes the first run of the game.

I love the game of baseball, and sports in general, because of what one little moment like this can do. The first years got their first run and Eijun’s going to pitch. And now that Eijun’s finally on the mound, it’s three up, three down. And that’s not just three batters, that’s three pitches. Eijun’s pitches are wild and the fastballs straight down the middle curve right at the end. Kazuya keeps saying that once Eijun figures out what his pitch is, he’ll be a true ace.

The kid’s not dejected after facing his roommate in a battle of power, though. He just lost outright and Eijun is pumping his team up, not the other way around. The recruiter who found him says that the way he pumped his team of amateurs up in junior high was the mark of a true ace. Eijun’s showing that off again and he’s impressing the coach.

In Summary:
The games are, of course, the most interesting and this one especially because we finally get to see Eijun in action. His battle against Azuma was merely the beginning and once he gets into the first string and challenges Furuya for the ace pitcher spot, the show will really get started.

Grade: B+

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