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Naruto: Shippuden Episode #337 Anime Review

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 337
Naruto Shippuden Episode 337
Kabuto’s past is defining him, and finding out more of it is at the core of who he is.

What They Say:
Kabuto’s quest to discover his true identity has led him over the years to collect, analyze, and use the abilities of all shinobi within him, including Kimimaro, the Sound Four and Orochimaru.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Against my better judgment, some of this background story arc involving Kabuto has been more interesting than it should have been. It’s had its problems since it goes back to a very young Kabuto and there’s only so much that you can get from that, but it established his issues early on and the lack of knowledge of who he was. Which made it easy for him to really connect with the village once he was taken into it after spending time with the Mother who was watching over him and others in the limited orphanage. His time in training brought him into contact with a lot of other people and events and he was also pushed in some difficult directions because of the missions he was on, which lead to a death that definitely made an impact on him. It’s hard to call Kabuto well rounded when you get down to it, but his motivations of finding his true heritage is certainly a worthwhile motivator that can be twisted over the years and because of others.

This episode touches on some of this a bit, going back to how Kabuto was doing anything and everything he could to find out who he really is. And we also get some minor backwards looks from Sasuke as well as part of the family history is shown. But a lot of what we get here is mostly talking, posing and strutting between the three, especially with Kabuto really making a show of things with how he’s warped and twisted what remains of Orochimaru into himself so that he’s always close to him. When it does shift to the action, Kabuto does receive some pushback and is starting to take a few strong hits that shakes up events a bit, but it’s also something that you’d expect from some suitably powerful individuals as we get here.

In Summary:
Unfortunately, the show is pretty much in a time-wasting mode with this episode. We do get some decent minor action here and some moves that are fun to watch, though not revolutionary in terms of what they’re doing. Kabuto looks positively creepy with his Orochimaru appendage, but there’s little here to really get you to connect with it. What reinforces the time-wasting aspect is that towards the end, the episode cuts short and we get the Jinchuriki identification song again and then the end credits. We’ve had this song played a few times, more often at the start of the episode than at the end, but it’s just a filler piece. Combine that with the drawn out nature of the episode and there’s little meat to chew on here, but it has its fun moments that are largely meaningless.

Grade: C+

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