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Oracian Seis Gets ‘Fairy Tail’ Anime Character Spot

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Oracian Seis
Oracian Seis

Even though it came out in August, FUNimation is continuing to roll out character spots for Fairy Tail Part 6, which got a DVD/BD combo release. Why? Well, these things get noticed and are pretty well distributed out there. Fairy Tail fans may not be the most vocal, but when you  get out into the social media world, the material is pretty well gobbled up. The latest character clip piece brings us a little bit more on the Oracian Seis group that dominates a good part of the sixth installment.

Plot concept: In Fairy Tail Part 6, Team Natsu joins forces with other powerful wizards to fight the evil Oracion Seis guild. But will it be enough to take down a gang of the most powerful dark wizards around?