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‘Initial D’ Anime Gearing Up For Premium Japanese Blu-ray Box Sets

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Initial DInitial D fans may be getting something long overdue that won’t set the world on fire, at least in terms of visuals, as there’s the first whispers of Initial D getting some premium Blu-ray box sets in Japan. The series has had two releases tentatively scheduled that have not hit retailers yet where they’ll be priced at 42,000yen each with the first due on February 21st, 2014 and the second on March 21st, 2014. Making for two very expensive months. There’s no details yet on what each box will contain, but they’re being called premium boxes so it could contain a significant amount of material.

Unfortunately, only the fifth stage material would really make out the best overall with a high definition transfer, having been done in the past year. Earlier seasons are a real mix of film animation and CG animation, some of which like the second stage was done so low in terms of resolution that it’s not going to make out well and it’s unlikely that they’re redoing the cel animation. But for fans wanting to get what could potentially be everything up to a certain point – if not all – of the series in two box sets, this could be a real win. Especially when you have the opportunity for the soundtrack to be in lossless form.

Here’s what the series has run so far since its debut in 1998, via the source link below:

  • Initial D: First Stage (26 eps) [1998]
  • Initial D: Second Stage (13 eps) [1999–2000]
  • Initial D: Extra Stage (OVA; 2 eps) [2000]
  • Initial D: Third Stage (Movie) [2001]
  • Initial D: Battle Stage (OVA; 1 eps) [2002]
  • Initial D: Fourth Stage (24 eps) [2004–2006]
  • Initial D to the Next Stage – Project D e Mukete (Special; 1 eps)
  • Initial D: Battle Stage 2 (OVA; 1 eps) [2007]
  • Initial D: Extra Stage 2 (OVA; 1 eps) [2008]
  • Initial D: Fifth Stage (14 eps) [2012–2013]

Plot concept: Takumi’s nights working as the delivery boy for his dad’s tofu shop have turned him into one of the most formidable drivers around. Behind the wheel of his modified Eight-Six, he’s one with the road – and his life shifts into high gear when the underground street racing world takes notice.

Local legend Keisuke, a member of the infamous Red Suns racing team, wants to take Takumi on. He’s not alone; drivers from across the region are lining up for a shot at the new guy. One challenger after the next, Takumi schools the competition with his amazing drifting technique and downhill expertise. But it’s not enough to simply rack up the victories – Takumi’s out to prove he’s the best.

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