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‘Hetalia’ Manga Adds Two More Preorder Volumes

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Good news for Hetalia fans! Right Stuf has just listed two new volumes for pre-order from their print on demand program that they started for this series to get more of it out there. The fourth and fifth volumes of the series are now slated for a December 10th release, MSRP of $15.99 but are listed at $10.99 at the moment.

The first print-run of this book, including all pre-ordered copies, will include eight full-color pages! After the initial print run, this book will move to Right Stuf’s Print on Demand program.

Volume 4: The newspaper club over at W Academy is doing their yearly feature on school clubs, but all the clubs are really weird! Belgium and the Netherlands explore their odd relationship and the Netherlands helps Japan get out of a bad rut. Things get strange when Estonia dreams that all the countries are beautiful girls… except him! Is it a dream come true or a true nightmare? And will Italy ever be able to design a decent tank?

Volume 5: Everyone’s favorite countries have gathered together to compare notes on who has the weirdest horror movies, who had the worst World War II rations, who has the wackiest laws on the books, and which stereotypes about them are actually true! The heat is on when China must fight to win over Hong Kong by wearing kigurumi! Germany and Prussia sneak into America’s camp with hilarious results!