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‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie -Rebellion-‘ Gets Third Full Length Anime Trailer

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Madoka MagicaAnime trailers for theatrical features are dicey things in how they’re done as often there’s only one, it’s short and doesn’t flow in the way that Hollywood trailers do. With the third installment of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica theatrical series which is set to be in theaters in Japan on October 26th, a third trailer has arrived which comes after some recent TV spots and key visual material. The bigger surprise is that it’s a lengthy 90 second piece with a lot of new animation and bits to it that definitely makes it pretty exciting.

The film is getting a US run on the weekend of December 6th across the country in a lot of locations and times, which you can find here:

With luck, we’ll be at the Boston showing on the 6th for the 9:30 event!

Plot Concept: Madoka Kaname. Once a normal girl who led a happy life, she sacrificed herself to save other magical girls from the cruel fate that awaited them. Unable to let her memories of Madoka die, magical girl Homura Akemi continues to fight alone in the world that Madoka left behind, dreaming of meeting that nostalgic smiling face one more time…

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