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FUNimation Adds ‘Sakura Wars: The Movie’ For EVS Anime Streaming

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Sakura Wars The Movie
Sakura Wars The Movie

Newly release on DVD/BD combo pack just this week, FUNimation has already updated their EVS membership schedule to provide Sakura Wars: The Movie for streaming. The feature, originally released by Geneon Entertainment a decade ago and acquired this summer by FUNimation, is getting its first high definition presentation on home video. But the streaming side isn’t missing out as it will be getting both a dub and sub streaming run on the FUNimation service, which went through a complete overhaul this month. You can find the feature here to watch if you’re an EVS member.

Plot concept: When something wicked stages chaos, the Imperial Assault Force sends the divas of the Flower Division to drive steel through evil’s spotlight! Sweet Sakura, glamorous Sumire, adorable Iris, tactical Leni, mechanic Kohran, Kana the martial arts master, exotic Orohime, and stoic leader Maria are always ready for action! Just as a fresh face joins the ensemble, other members begin to vanish one after another. When a deviant virtuoso unleashes demons to terrorize Tokyo, it’s up to the maidens of metal to pull their act together and drop the curtain on evil!