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Hulu Adds ‘Dream Eater Merry’ Anime Streaming

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Dream Eater MerryHulu’s snagging of a variety of series is a boon for anime fans who want to check out more shows from all sorts of producers. The latest one to get the nod isĀ Dream Eater Merry, which comes from Sentai Filmworks. The series clocks in at thirteen episodes (only the first five are up as of this writing) and unlike other shows that have been added recently, it’s strictly for computers rather than Hulu Plus connected devices like TV, tablets and phones. The series comes from the manga of the same name and aired during the winter 2011 season with JC Staff providing the animation production.

Plot Conecpt: Yumeji has a unique talent; he can predict his friends’ dreams by reading their auras. But this special ability makes him a target for a sinister force trying to use him to enter the real world. An unlikely ally appears when Merry, a donut-loving dream demon desperate to return to her own world, literally falls into his lap.