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‘Killer Queen Bee’ Unveils New Twelve Minute Press Conference

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Killer Queen Bee
Killer Queen Bee

While the show debuted a couple of weeks ago, TV Tokyo continue sits promotion for Killer Queen Bee. The latest of which is a new press conference regarding the show in which the various women all get to do some Q&A over it and to showcase their costumes and styles a bit. The series, which works twelve minute episode run time, has a new promo out for the third episode that highlights its fun with fetishes (oh my!) and TV Tokyo has also brought out a new eleven minute press conference piece that brings in the entire cast where they get to hit the runway before talking about the program and their experience son it. With so many actresses involved, it’s fun to see them all on stage, dressed up and having fun with it.

The series is known as Koroshi no Jooubachi and is directed by Keisuke Toyoshima. The actresses are all members of the J-pop group Model Girls, which certainly explains a lot of it. This is their first drama series.

Plot concept: Heinous crimes occur along a street called Chaos Street in Japan. Even the police have given up on policing the street. Yet there are killers who even the criminals there are fearful of. Requests for killings are made via an old cabaret. These killers are also beautiful women.

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