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‘Unbreakable Machine Doll’ Anime Gets Hulu Distribution

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Unbreakable Machine-DollIt’s not unusual for FUNimation series to get distribution through the Hulu service, but we do like to note them as they happen. The latest one to get the nod is one of the new summer simulcasts, Unbreakable Machine Doll, which they launched on the FUNimation site yesterday. Hulu’s distribution of it mirrors a lot of other recent additions where it’s also something of a positive for Hulu Plus members in that they can stream it to their various devices. The other perk is that you can embed the whole video and share it, which we’ve done below, so take a gander at the episode if you haven’t seen it before because, well, trains!

Plot concept: In the mechanized city of Liverpool, a Japanese student enters the most prestigious machinart academy in the world. There, students fight against each other using automatons and living dolls in the quest to become the world’s best puppeteer.

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