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Mushibugyo Episode #25 Anime Review

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Mushibugyo 25The Mushibugyo will lose her memories if she regains her powers — but will any of them survive if she doesn’t get them back?

What They Say:
“The Promise is Hope Within Despair”

Content: (please note that the content portion of a review may contain spoilers)
Starting right where last the last episode ends, Jinbei crawls out of the well just in time to learn that the Mushibugyo will lose her memories once she regains her powers. This causes Jinbei to jump right back in the well after her, leading to the same floaty scene with flashes of Jinbei-memories we saw previously. Meanwhile, Mugai shows up to fight Yukimura, which turns into another inexplicably in-the-air battle as the make their way outside. It’s during their fight that Yukimura’s past is revealed — he was a soldier in Princess Naa’s house, and was turned into an Insect-man by the same gross bug that changed Princess Naa, though the girl is already gone when the flashback begins.

Meanwhile, Hibachi and the others fight the remaining Insect-men, with some help from the pink ninja girl as she uses a special bug repellent that makes the Insect-men weaker (which leads me to ask…why haven’t they been using this stuff the entire time?) The stink bug Insect-man manages to fight back the repellent with a giant fart (no, literally) and again, it doesn’t look like their going to make it, but then Kotori shows up and finally does something really awesome on screen, beating both of the Insect-men on his own.

Again, while all this is going on, Jinbei is trying to run away with the Mushibugyo, but they don’t get too far before Yukimura breaks away from his fight with Mugai and catches up with them. Jinbei tries to protect her, but quickly gets a fatal wound to the chest. Before Yukimura can finish him off, the Mushibugyo agrees to go with Yukimura and enter the well, just like he wants. So, the episode ends back up where is started. The act of her going into the well is drawn out longer than necessary as she and Jinbei have a heartfelt goodbye, but when she goes in this time there is an instant short of purple light (it’s unclear why this happened so quickly, where before it was taking forever, except for maybe bad pacing). The rest of the group, Mugai and Kotori included, show up to fight Yukimura as the Mushibugyo reemerges, this time with white wings instead of the deep purple ones she displayed before. While this makes it seem like she’s possibly the same person, it would appear to be only a trick as she ends the episode stabbing Jinbei in the back.

In Summary
There were definitely some overly drawn out moments in this episode, along with unnecessary “chinpou” jokes from Hibachi and her little sister, that slowed the episode down. Add to that, the place that Jinbei and the Mushibugyo try to escape from is where they wind up in the end anyway, this episode did feel like it was wasting quite a bit of time. Good action scenes were abundant in this episode too, and it’s satisfying to finally see Kotori be as awesome with a sword as it’s been implied he was through the whole show. With the way this show operates, the final episode doesn’t look as if it’s going to give as much of a revelation about the characters as fans of the show would want, but as the action reaches its climax in this episode, with all the major characters together in one place, this story arc at least should at least have an exciting conclusion.

Grade: B-
Streamed by: Crunchyroll
Review Equipment: 13″ Apple Macbook set to 720p

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