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Happinet Sets Japanese ‘Koroshiya-san’ Anime DVD Release

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Fall flash animation series Koroshiya-san: The Hired Gun has had its home video details come out and they’re pretty much what you’d expect, though with a minor twist. The series is getting a DVD only release for now, priced at 2940 yen, which will land on January 7th, 2014. The release has a listed run time of 30 minutes and it’s being broadcast in one of the five minute slots, so it could be down to just a six episode flash series.

The series adaptation of the manga was announced back in July and is moving ahead quickly. The series  by Tamachiku is having its adaptation produced by a Flash anime company OperaHouse. The series adaptation of the four volumes released since the manga began way back in 2004 will be helmed by Ai Ikegaya, who is known for her various short films and commercials done in this particular medium.

Plot concept: The story tells the relationships between the protagonist man “Koroshiya” (professional killer) who is recognized as the best hit man in Japan, and the detectives, his victims, other hit men, passers by, police dogs, many others around. His motto is “If you request it, I will kill anything.” But he has to take care of a variety of things from summer holiday homework to the work of a housewife.

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