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Servant X Service Episode #12 Anime Review

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Servant X Service Episode 12
Servant X Service Episode 12
Chihaya certainly knows fluffy pilows when she sees them.

What They Say:
In a certain ward of a certain city in Hokkaido…The ward office where Yamagami Lucy has been hired employs many unique characters on its staff. Yamagami and her colleagues are full of energy and secrets as they’re hard at work (?!) in this workplace comedy!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The opening for the show does a lot of fun things when it comes to showing off the intensity and passion Chihaya has for cosplay as she’s certainly doing a number on herself to get everything done for everyone in time for the event. So much so that she’s sleeping on the floor as sleeping in a bed would make her far too tired. Yamagami is obviously concerned about what Chihaya is doing since she’s making a costume for her, but Chihaya is just happy to be a part of it all. And she really, really wants to make one for Miyoshi as well, which lets us see good bit of panic out of her. The cutest part though is the way the Section Chief shows up and she’s extremely quick to point out that she has no interest at all in making clothes for a stuffed animal.

Her passion is explored a bit when it comes to Ichimiya as she goes to visit her at home to make sure she’s alright, even though she said not to visit. That has some very good comedy all of its own, from how he discovers her to the way he can manage to insult her while trying to be a nice guy. Her use of energy is great to watch, as is seeing the kinds of costumes she comes up with since there’s a certain Attack on Titan outfit there, unless I’m mistaken. When she ends up finishing and decides that she’s near the end of her energy, she makes a real play towards Ichimiya which freaks him out, but it’s just her style and manner of speech at the time that sells it as she’s in an exhausted state and in some ways being more honest about herself.

As the weekend arrives and the date happens, there’s so much to enjoy. Running in parallel, we get to see Chihaya stuck with Toko for a bit which has a cute couple of bits to it, and we get to see the date between Hasebe and Yamagami. She’s so utterly adorable – and can’t believe it – and he’s quite nice and understanding but also playful that you really do get the sense that he likes her quite a lot and understands her in ways that surprises her. The time spent between the two is utterly enjoyable as both of them are awkward in different ways, but so much of the enjoyment here is just seeing Yamagami outside of her comfort zone – and in different clothes – and how Hasebe is just so happy about it all and encouraging in his own way.

In Summary:
While there’s a bit of a post-date twist that comes at the end that puts Hasebe in an awkward position to say the least, the majority of the show is just all about the fun of the date and the lead-up to it. Chihaya really gets to showcase well here with her love of costumes and design and we get another look at what kind of good guy Hasebe is overall, even with his mild quirks and “maleness.” The date is what really made the episode great though as it gave us a new look at Yamagami and what she can be like, though it’s just difficult for her for different reasons. Even though she looks great and just has a different kind of sparkle about her, it’s not who she feels comfortable being. Chihaya definitely knows how to nudge her and move her along though which is good since we all need that sometime.

Grade: B+

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