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Fantasista Doll Episode #10 Anime Review

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Fantasista Doll Episode 10
Fantasista Doll Episode 10
Lots of time playing cards, with one unsurprising twist.

What They Say:
Uzume Uno is an ordinary junior high school student nothing special to mention about school grades or in the field of sports. However, one day, her destiny is significantly changed. She happens to find mysterious cards from which dolls therein with special abilities come out to real life. Uzume becomes the “Card Master” and executes contract with these characteristic dolls. Soon or later, she somehow finds herself in a position to fight not just for her own town, but to save the whole world….

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Fantasista Doll tried to up things a little bit towards the end of the previous episode with the threat faced, and we’ve had some decent time throughout the run hinting at larger events being a part of the series, but it’s all be done without enough connective tissue to make it compelling, especially on top of weak and poorly defined characters. The show doesn’t take too much of a twist here after Madeleine is essentially kidnapped here as you know everyone will come together in some way to save her. What’s amusing is that since Uzume is unsure of what to do, being a young girl herself, the dolls castigate her soundly for her lack of action, her being a poor master and retreat into the digital world where they won’t come out no matter what she does for a bit. Uzume at least tries to handle it decently and does some research while sipping tea.

Where the show goes from there is a mild twist as there’s a push to a different kind of game in order to try and get things back on track, which includes Uzume’s mother playing for a bit as well. She is, like most anime moms, pretty much one of the best characters in any show because she’s not a complete dolt – even if she acts like one. She provides some decent advice here for Uzume as they play and as Uzume remembers so many words of wisdom from her mother that cropped up during the course of the series. And with her mother being aggressive in a very cute way, it all moves and progresses smoothly with a sense of bounce and fun that works nicely.

With the game played to get Madeleine back, and with the dolls watching from within, there are some interesting moments along the way. But it’s also a whole lot of “here’s how we play the game” kind of instruction “entertainment” that the show spent a lot of time with early on, which really bores the hell out of me. The game gets used decently with an exploration of where the enemy is, which is a good thrust of things towards the end of the second half that at least allows a little action. But so much of the episode is focused on the whole card playing side with some internal dialogue about how to win and what needs to be done that it stays pretty dull for the most part, and even the action can go only so far since it uses a lot of goofy kinds of attacks.

In Summary:
While the big twist is in the final seconds as we get the reveal of the chairman, it’s something that could be seen earlier, but you almost hope it isn’t in that the writers weren’t going to be that obvious. The bulk of the episode is all about playing cards and if not for the fact that Uzume’s mother is fun to watch since she’s not saddled with teen and pre-teen emotional chaos, this would be a pretty head to desk inducing episode. It’s not great by any stretch but she brings a bit of fun t what’s otherwise and episode about people playing cards that’s preceded by the dolls being all ticked at Uzume because she’s not, well, awesome at everything and solving every problem instantly. Fantasista Doll continues to be a show where I want to just slap everyone simple because.

Grade: C-

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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