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Anime Limited Adds ‘Nerima Daikon Brothers’ UK License

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Nerima Daikon Brothers
Nerima Daikon Brothers

Anime Limited continues to add some interesting titles, old and new, to their catalog as they ramp up this year. The latest one to be announced by them is Nerima Daikon Brothers, which will be getting a first quarter 2014 release.  The series, originally acquired in the US by ADV Films who did the dub with the music numbers dubbed as well, was eventually re-released in SAVE form by FUNimation before it went out of print. This marks the first time the series has been licensed for release in the UK.

Plot concept: What’s a band to do with no fame and especially no sold-out arena to perform in? How can they grab the cash they need to build the concert dome of their dreams? Well, they can’t. But the Nerima Daikon Brothers sure as hell are going to try! Watch as Hideki, Ichiro, and Mako farm daikon by day and battle slimy record producers, pachinko-mad hags, monstrous nurses, flatulent hospital administrators and hot police babes by night.

Listen as the band and the evil villains sing hilarious songs all along the bumpy daikon-studded road! Tune in and see! (What’s daikon? Is it a vegetable? Is it a fruit? A weapon? A girl’s best friend? All of the above?!)