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Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 Episode #09 Anime Review

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C3bu Episode 9
C3bu Episode 9

Make up your mind, Yura. Are you going to be a good guy or a bad guy?

What They Say:
When C³ took part in the 24-hour tournament without Sonora, they managed to defeat the veteran Meisei Women’s Academy team and finish in first place! But Yura doesn’t look happy… During her final showdown with Rin, she broke the rules by continuing to play after she had already been hit.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
This is getting annoying. After a full episode of Yura going crazy with her obsession with winning at any cost and ending up cheating to ensure she gets the victory, this episode kicks off with her calling up the tournament committee to make sure they take the victory away from her and her team. It’s good that she’s regretting her actions, right? Sure, but after such a thorough character transformation that dominated the past couple of episodes, especially the last one, there should really be some development that gets her to that point. In fact, that’s the one thing that kept those episodes promising, since the development Yura would have to go through to realize the errors of her ways should’ve been some relatively strong material. But instead, she bounces right back, so instead of disappointing the others, specifically Sono-chan, when the truth comes out, she doesn’t even give them the chance, catching them off-guard when she says that she’s been trying to get their victory pulled due to her cheating, and they actually end up defending her. So I guess that’s all worked out, then?

But wait, now that Yura has changed completely and wants her cheating acknowledged, she has to take issue with Rin once more, as she refuses to admit that her opponent cheated right in front of her to win. And once again, through a similarly contradictory process, Rin manages to anger Yura to the point of becoming the same victory-obsessed maniac she was when she committed the transgression she’s trying to undo, once again at the cost of her team relationships.

So after going against Sono-chan’s philosophy and becoming the same as Rin to make Sono-chan proud by doing what she believed to be avenging her in taking down Rin, she’s now done the same thing again in an attempt to make up for that. The dramatic irony is clear, but it’s being laid on a bit too thick and at the cost of any realistic transitions in Yura’s character, along with making the show a disjointed mess that can’t stay consistent long enough to enjoy it.

So where is the show going now? I don’t think it even knows the answer to that. It seems that every time it has an idea, it ends up being distracted by the potential for something more interesting in another area, not realizing that without the proper foundation, all of these attempts just fall apart. Hopefully it can eventually pull together some stronger development for Yura.

In Summary:
Despite Yura’s downward spiral into near villainy last time, this episode starts off with her completely changing her outlook back to how she was at the beginning of the series, with Sono-chan and the characters whose role it seemed to slap some sense back into her caught off guard and actually defending her actions from herself. And then, when she tries to get Rin to rat her out, Rin refuses, and that just sets Yura back on the course she was on in the past couple of episodes, once again doing exactly the opposite of what would make sense for her goals. It’s making a statement, but it’s not presenting the characters in a realistic manner, and it makes the whole experience a frustratingly disjointed one.

Grade: C

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