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Second ‘Eureka 7: AO’ Anime DVD/BD Collection Trailer Revealed

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Eureka 7 AO
Eureka 7 AO

With the first half of the series out this week, FUNimation is giving us a taste of what’s to come in Eureka Seven AO in its second collection, which is due out on October 15th. The new promo showcases a bit more of the animation and cast with a more relaxed nature for the piece.

Plot concept: During a dangerous zero gravity mission to keep a clash in space from colliding with Earth, Ao meets his mother for the first time since she disappeared. Chaos erupts when the vengeful enigma known as Truth learns of her return. As Ao fights to protect his mother and solve her transient state, he discovers a weapon so powerful it can alter Earth s timeline. Conflict elevates across the globe as this warhead and new intelligence on the hostile aliens polarizes former allies. When another pilot and his machine from the future enter the fray, Ao will finally learn his true origin as well as his role in saving his mother, his friends, and his planet from obliteration.

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