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‘Gurren Lagann’ Anime Set For Neon Alley Broadcast

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Gurren Lagann
Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann has been around the block a few times and it’s getting ready to be seen once again. Following the recent release of the TV series from Aniplex USA, Neon Alley will be showing the series this fall on their service. With Neon Alley recently expanding from just a game console linear channel distribution style to being available in linear form on the web, it’s expanded the way that dub fans can check out new shows and get a look and listen to them. Gurren Lagann was originally dubbed during its license period with Bandai Entertainment and the series has been shown previously on the SyFy Channel.

Plot Concept: In the distant future, mankind has lived quietly and restlessly underground for hundreds of years, subject to earthquakes and cave-ins. Living in one such village are two young men: one named Simon who is shy and naive, and the other named Kamina who believes in the existence of a “surface” world above their heads. The destiny of these two starts moving drastically when the ceiling of their village falls in, and a gigantic “Gunmen” and a beautiful girl named Yoko, wielding a superconductive rifle, come from the surface. Together, Kamina, Simon, and Yoko ride the mecha “Lagann” that Simon digs out of the ground, and fly up to the surface!

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