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Genshiken Second Season Episode #06 Anime Review

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Genshiken episode 6 imageMadarame makes another cameo, Kuchiki is weird, Yoshitake has a sibling, and we even get to see Hato naked.

What They Say:
The girls try to apologize to Madarame about what happened at Comic Festival. Yoshitake brings someone new to visit Genshiken, which leads to Yajima and Hato having an awkward day.

The Review: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Hato’s a little embarrassed over saying Madarame was the uke, but the other Genshiken girls are trying their best to make sure he knows he’s not alone. The great part about this is that Sue of all people suggested that Oguie show everyone her Mada x Sasa BL drawings to make Hato feel welcome. But Hato’s got the wrong impression and now he wants to draw his own fantasy world with all sorts of uke Madarame’s. It’s moments like this that remind me what everyone brings to the group, and Sue is the character that gives everyone that final push. Last episode with Angela and this time with Oguie.

Kuchiki’s kind of weird, though, isn’t he? He’s apparently been sitting on a bench outside the clubroom for the last few episodes, which is why he’s been absent. And when he comes back, he claims to want to be the seme to Madarame’s uke and then tries to rip off his pants. But when some guys walk in to the Genshiken room to pick Hato up, Yajima and Kuchiki don’t know what to do. Thankfully, Yoshitake’s brother came to save the day (at the exact right time).

When they leave to drink at Yoshitake’s place, the Circle Committee is trying to find out who Hato really is, since there’s no girl who matches his description going to the school. Things are a little dicey until Kuchiki steps up to be weird again. Hato grabs him into a choke hold and claims that he will die if he doesn’t wake him up, averting the situation for now.

The best parts happen when they’re at Yoshitake’s place and it’s revealed that the older brother is really a younger sister. This is the kind of character development I wanted out of Yoshitake or Yajima (Yajima is unfortunately still awkward, nerdy girl for now), and we learn that Yoshitake is really a girl who’s sensitive about her age and about her sister, who’s younger and taller.

In Summary:
Yoshitake has always seemed a little out of place with everyone else in the Genshiken club. Ogiue, Ohno, and Yajima kind of look like nerdy girls, Hato cross dresses, Sue’s a gaijin, and Kuchiki is Kuchiki. But Yoshitake has always been the cute girl who happens to like anime and stuff. I’m glad she’s being fleshed out as more than just weird pervert who wants to see Hato’s schlong.

Grade: B

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