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Star Wars Thursday: Bookish Edition

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Star Wars Book 1It’s summertime, which means getting the chance to find odd jobs around the house to keep my sons occupied. One of those jobs was having them enter all the books in our home library into an online database. That sounds great, until I realized that being able to see my empty bookshelves meant that I could tell just how horrific they look. Then one of my summer jobs became getting those shelves repainted!

I can accept the fact that my bookshelves will never look as amazing as the Jedi Archives shown above. What I didn’t know was that those same archives were modeled after the appearance of Trinity College Library, which I visited this summer in Dublin.

Ireland Day Fourteen

My library will never look like that one, either. So I decided to look for some Star Wars themed bookshelves and bookends to help cheer me up.

This AT-AT bookcase is not a model of Trooper efficiency, and it certainly can’t hold much of the accumulated knowledge of the ages. It would be a perfect addition to a playroom or display area to let you show off some Star Wars books and action figures. If you prefer to declare your allegiance to the Rebel forces, you can select the Millenium Falcon instead. Both are available from the WhittledInWood shop at Etsy.

Star Wars Book 2

Star Wars book 3

What if you are looking for something to just help you support the books on the shelves you already own? There are some high quality, artistic choices at Gentle Giant to accent the collection of any Star Wars enthusiast. Don’t forget to shut down all the garbage mashers on the detention level before putting your books up there.

Star Wars Book 4

I asked one of my favorite online Star Wars Geek Girls, Consetta Parker (@ParkerPublicist), if she would be willing to share a photo of a set of Star Wars bookends she owns. She graciously agreed, and sent me this photo to include in my post.

photo (6)

First, let me say that I am so incredibly jealous of this one! It’s no secret that I love Leia, and the Boushh costume is amazing. Did you know Consetta wore a Boushh costume for her wedding, and that Johnny Galeki wore Consetta’s costume at SDCC this year? You can hear her talk about her experience on the Full of Sith podcast, or check out the video below.

Maybe I can buy a few droids to help me finish painting the shelves. Do you think the Jawa may have some to fit my needs?

Until next week – may the Force be with you.

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