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‘Another Episode S’ Novel Sequel Gets New Promos

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Another Episode SOne of the best series of 2012 for us was Another, which Sentai Filmworks is releasing this week on DVD and Blu-ray in North America. The timing works well as a new novel, a sequel entitled Another Episode S, is making its bow in Japan today. The original work was written by Yukito Ayatsuji who is returning for this installment as well, following up his 2009 horror/thriller novel that was adapted into both a manga and an anime series. Check out the promos below and join me in hoping for this to get an adaptation as well.

Anime series concept: Mei Misaki was cute, athletic, and one of the most popular girls in her school. Why should a little thing like death change that? Now, twenty-three years after Mei’s mysterious demise, a new transfer student discovers that not only is his school’s student body one corpse short of a full roster, but that some secrets never leave high school. What’s more, all of this may somehow be tied to his own family past.

What is the secret and how does it all connect? And even if Kouichi does figure it out, will that knowledge help save him? As the school bells toll a deadly dirge and students begin to die, things that were never properly buried come back to haunt the high school of the damned!

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