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First Promo For ‘Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Drei!!’ OAD Bundled Manga Episode

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Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma IllyaTaking advantage of the fact that there’s a series in production for Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya, Kadokawa has let loose with the first promo for a special manga bundled episode that iwll come with the fourth volume of the series. That release is set for January 25th, 2014, which is close to when the Japanese TV series home video releases will be coming to close, giving fans just one more taste of the show at that time. The bundled episode is a limited edition run and will run you 3,990 yen when it hits, though you have to get your order in before October 14th for the 25 minute bonus episode. This series, one of three from the Psima Illya line, began in 2012 and has been churning out a lot of fun for the fans since then along with Zwei!! and the original, which is what’s being animated at this time.

Series concept: Illyaviel von Einzbern seems like a normal school girl, but all that changes when a magic wand named Ruby decides that young Illya is the perfect choice to be her new “master.” On the plus side, that means Illya can use Ruby to gain magical powers. On the negative, Ruby’s previous owner, Rin Tosaka, isn’t exactly thrilled to be de-wanded, especially since she’s just accepted an assignment from the Wizard Zelretch to collect seven magical Class Cards holding legendary spirits inside. However, since the unbending wand is sticking to its decision, the only solution is for Illya to take up the task while Rin supervises. Meanwhile, another girl named Miyu has been chosen by the magic wand Sapphire as HER new master, much to the irritation of Sapphire’s previous master, Rin’s arch rival Luvia Edelfelt! Exactly what kind of plan are the wands conjuring up? It’s a mystical fantasy set in an alternate universe to the popular Fate/Stay Night franchise, in which some very familiar looking characters end up in some very different and completely unexpected situations! Prepare to be en-spelled as six magic-challenged maidens hit the road to adventure in Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya!