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‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Villainous Side Getting Fleshed Out

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Guardians Of The Galaxy
Guardians Of The Galaxy

While we’ve had a fair bit of casting when it comes to Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s also been some uncertainty about it as people have been added but their roles have largely been kept dark. As noted through Den of Geek, this is fairly in the rumor territory, but it looks like it would fit right for what Marvel would want to do to try and build off on this property as a separate franchise dealing with the space side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’ve recently had the casting of Benicio Del Toro, Karen Gillan and Lee Pace, but no clarity as to who they are. That’s still a bit in douby, but now things are shaping up a bit more in a way that makes sense while still leaving certain aspects open, particularly that of Thanos in allowing him to stay as the mysterious big bad in the background.

According to the piece, Benicio Del Toro will take on the role of The Collector, who has been around since near the start of the Marvel Comics world and has had some definitely big moments over the decades in going up against the Avengers, which indicates his power level. With him working to protect certain things in the universe, namely from Thanos, it provides him with a dual kind of role of sorts that would allow people to get behind him easily enough.

On the more directly connected to Thanos side, Lee Pace is being pegged firmly as Ronan the Accuser, which we’ve heard before, and it makes sense since the movies are adapting a lot of things from the Ultimates universe of stories and in that one he’s the son of Thanos.

Adding a bit more to that, the site is saying that Karen Gillan will take on the role of Nebula, who is Thanos granddaughter and an evil space pirate and mercenary, which is an ideal bit of character to work up against Zoe Saldana’s character as Gamora.

Expectations are that we’ll get a bit more information come Comic-Con since the production is expected to start filming in August, and from there on we’ll likely be getting lots more little snippets and confirmations.

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