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Right Stuf Acquires ‘Princess Nine’, ‘Cat’s Eye’, ‘Sengoku Collection’ & ‘Blessing Of Campanella’ Anime Licenses

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Blessing Of The Campanella
Blessing Of The Campanella

Right Stuf held their panel this afternoon at Anime Expo where CEO Shawne Kleckner brought some fun into it with being dressed up as an adventurer and doing a themed sort of approach to the hunt for titles, hidden gems and more. This definitely livened things up a bit more than the panels usually get with the either laid back approach or more corporate approach.

During the panel, he covered the various shows that are in stages of release, showed off the way some restoration work had been done for Princess Knight and noted the difficulty in getting Rose of Versailles released here, encouraging people to check out the streaming versions and pick up the release to show that there is interest in such works.

When it came to new announcements, he made several really interesting pickups overall that should delight a variety of fans:

Nozomi label:

Princess Nine

Will be coming out in bilingual form on DVD. It was previously released by ADV Films. This will be a complete series set.

Cat’s Eye

Subtitled on DVD release and digital. No set configuration yet, but has been talked about as being done with either two or four sets because of the episode count (73 episodes between 1983 and 1985)

Lucky Penny label:

Blessing of the Campanella

Was simulcast by FUNimation, will get 2014 complete series subtitle release with the OVA included.

Sengoku Collection

Simulcast on Crunchyroll (and one of our favorites) will be coming out subtitled only in 2014.

Right Stuf will also being working on the next two volumes of the Hetalia print on demand manga with both of them planned for Christmas 2013.

Shawn Kleckner also talked about Space Adventure Cobra, which will be released via Right Stuf’s Nozomi Entertainment as two DVD sets, starting in late 2013, along with digital distribution. The upcoming home video release will mark the first time the anime TV series will be available to North American audiences.

Some discussion was involved regarding the distribution deal with Bandai Visual to bring out the Gundam Unicorn series and that they’ll be bringing out the final volume for them on Blu-ray while starting in August on the DVD collections.

The panel also had several questions regarding the “penguin rap” that he performed for the Christmas sale last year and whether we’d see the return of it this year. He indicated that it’s sort of taken on a life of its own and tried to downplay it as something that he wasn’t keen to revisit, which is why it’s worth our revisiting it if you missed it last year:

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