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Sentai Filmworks Announces Multiple DVD/BD Plans & Special Deal With Tatsunoko

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Highschool of the Dead - Drifters of the Dead
Highschool of the Dead – Drifters of the Dead

Sentai Filmworks made some new announcements at Anime Expo today, after talking about their known upcoming releases and promises that new procedures are in place for quality control when it comes to their releases that will fix the problems many people have been having with them. David Williams and Christian Lopez handled the panel today and went on to talk about several new acquisitions and other plans for upcoming releases:

In November, they plan to release:

Hiiro no Kakera Season 2 on DVD and Blu-ray

Show Concept: Every girl dreams of being an enchanted princess, but how many stop to think about all the grim and horrible things that happen in fairy tales? That’s a lesson Tamaki learns all too graphically when she’s attacked by creatures she thought only existed in myths! Fortunately, she’s rescued by an extraordinary young man: one who’s not only part demon; but her future classmate as well, and one of the group of protectors that Tamaki will need if she’s going to fulfill her destiny as a Tamayori princess. A destiny that no one’s bothered to tell her she’s inherited until just now! And if it wasn’t bad enough to learn that every plan she’d had for the future has to change, to top it all off, Tamaki still has to start attending a new high school as well!

Nakaimo/My Little Sister Is Among Them on DVD and Blu-ray

Show Concept: Is insanity hereditary? Shougo Mikadono’s beginning to think so, because the terms of his late father’s will seem crazy and following them may drive Shougo bonkers as well. Oh, it sounds simple at first: before Shougo can claim his VERY large inheritance, he just has to start attending a certain new school and find a nice girl to marry. It’s a little unromantic, but perfectly do-able, right? After all, all the girls seem quite friendly, so all Shougo has to do is find one he has something in common with. EXCEPT, and here’s the kicker, it turns out that Shougo has WAY too much in common with one of them, because she’s actually his long lost sister! And he has no idea which one she is! Will Shougo meet and court his Miss Right without committing something very morally wrong? Can he find his future bride without slipping into the wrong set of genes? And if his little sister does reveal herself, just how much will be revealed and under what circumstances?

Little Busters Season 1 on DVD (BD plans pending approval from Japan)

Show Concept: When tragedy struck Riki Naoe as a child, he was rescued from grief over his parent’s deaths when four other kids “recruited” him for their group—the “Little Busters.” Now in high school, Riki and the other Busters are still fast friends, and though their vision of being heroes for justice may have faded, they’d still do anything for each other. Which is why Riki is now on TWO special missions. The not so secret one: recruiting new members so the Busters can form a baseball team. Preferably FEMALE recruits, as the current dude/babe ratio is an inconvenient 4 to 1. The OTHER mission, though… That’s the strange one. Because Riki and Rin, the group’s singular girl, are receiving odd messages, delivered by cats, concerning the existence of a “secret world” and assigning them tasks they have to complete. Were their youthful dreams of being crusaders not so fanciful after all? Or is there something even more vital at stake? Between steeling his courage to talk to girls, dealing with his own narcolepsy and facing his feelings concerning Rin, Riki may just need the strength of a superhero to solve the ultimate mystery of the Little Busters!

Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead on DVD and Blu-ray

Show Concept: An OVA of Highschool of the Dead bundled with the 7th manga volume. Komuro and the gang stumble upon a deserted tropical island that looks to be free of zombies. They make use of this wonderful opportunity and dress up in skimpy swimsuits and have lots and lots of fanservice fun.

La Historia de la Arcana Familia on DVD and Blu-ray

Show Concept: “I will decide my own path!” The prosperous island of Regalo in the Mediterranean Sea is protected by a vigilante group called “Arcana Famiglia.” The group’s members are granted special powers through contracts with the “Toracco.” Felicitá, the only daughter of the Papa and head of the family, has her mother’s beauty as well as superior skill with knives. Though she was raised deep in the island, at age 16 she takes her first steps into the spotlight as a member of the family. Then, at her birthday party, her father, Mondo, announces that he is retiring. He declares a competition to determine his successor – and Felicitá must marry the winner. Felicitá enters the competition herself, determined to win so that she can decide her own path. The curtain will soon rise on the battle that will determine her fate!

They’ve also acquired Divergence Eve and Yumeria in complete collections.

Divergence Eve
Show Concept: In a lonely outpost at the edge of space, a crew of beautiful young women is all that stands between the human race and unspeakable evil. Loads of action, lots of bounce, and a dash of mystery enliven this sexy anime thrill ride.


Show Concept:  Tomokazu Mikuri is your typical high school loser, but all that changes when he begins visiting an alternate world through his dreams-one in which he is transformed into a hero of destiny imbued with strange powers. Only Mikuri can stop the evil Faydooms.

Sentai Filmworks has also made a deal with Tatsunoko for a lot of their library and rattled off several titles that will be covered under it, such as the previously announced Gatchaman and Casshern. Titles are to be announced as they go in the future.

They also announced plans for a Q1 2014 release of Chuunbiyo Demo Koi ga Shitai on DVD and Blu-ray.

Girls und Panzer had a dubbed trailer shown which indicated that the series, obviously, will be dubbed.

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