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Student Councils Discretion Level 2 Episode #09 Anime Review

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Student Councils Discretion Level 2 Episode 9
Student Councils Discretion Level 2 Episode 9

The series draws to a close with more fluff and a few minutes of heartfelt dialogue.

What They Say:
This is Sugisaki last chance to tell his harem how he truly feels.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With some decent time spent previously between Ken and one of the girls, the show almost had a bit of a moment where you felt like you got to know the characters just a bit more. I still find that most of the actual development came from the arrival of his little sister since she sent things into a tizzy with her interest in Ken and the way her mouth just rambled off. Of course, she’s been gone for a couple of episodes and is still the highlight for me as this group of characters doesn’t do more than just meet, hang out and do little else but complain and overact. There’s also the basic idea that they’re all interested in Ken in different romantic ways and it’s getting to the point where Ken’s going to have to do something about it. Something that will likely just kick the can down the road a little more.

What the council is up to this time is trying to figure out their legacy a bit, which has some nice minor moments towards the start after their adult advisor gives them a little to think about. But the show also works with a secondary topic, which is to make sure that they clean the council room in a way that makes it seem like it’s been left in an ultra clean fashion with nobody messing it up for awhile. The idea of leaving it behind like you got it is a decent one and there’s some quirks along the way that have to be dealt with, such as fixing a clock, a whole in the wall, supplies in general and a few other little things. It’s a good idea as it sets a decent precedent for future councils as well, but that’s just a happy little addition to things. What it does entail is that the group gets to go shopping for things and that has Ken just trying to deal with all their quirks and how they take everything to a bigger level than needed.

While that sets the first half, the second half deals a bit more with things in the club room as they start talking about graduation and all that it entails in making it special. There’s some cute bits here and there, but the reveal that Ken is doing the farewell address is news to him. This gets some practice in on how to handle the address and what it is that Ken really wants to say to the departing group of students that are moving on to the next phase in their lives. He’s pretty profound in a simple way with what he wants to communicate to them, surprising others in the council since they didn’t quite expect that from him. The show does try to bring a little closure to it as things wind down and the meeting comes to a close as Ken reveals his feelings and thoughts to each of them together in the room, going one by one, and that helps a bit to show the connection that they share.

In Summary:
Thank goodness that this show is over. Really. While it has some nice ideas at times, so much of what it did was just, well, not even pointless. It was just there with no real meaning to all of it. With this being an internet series, I can’t say I was really expecting much and I wasn’t disappointed by that. It was an awkward start to the series in doing a full on recap episode and then going into the majority of episodes where they sat around a table and just talked about nothing that seemed to matter or was memorable. The arrival of Ken’s sister livened things up, but none of the characters really felt like they were more than the most basic of archetypes. There was nothing there to make them come alive beyond their catchphrases or the way they looked. They do manage to try and do a bit more towards the end to close it out, but since I couldn’t find anything to like about any of them, it was mostly meaningless.

Grade: C+

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