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Hunter X Hunter Episode #81 Anime Review

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Hunter X Hunter Volume 31
Hunter X Hunter Episode 81
Gon and Killua get their first fight on with a Chimera Ant at long last.

What They Say:
Gon, Killua, and Kite discover the remains of a destroyed village. There, they encounter their first Chimera Ant. Gon and Killua are shaken by the speed and power displayed by the Chimera Ant. However, Kite tells them that they must defeat the Chimera Ant or leave.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Hunter x Hunter has spent a lot of time on setup in this arc since it got rolling and has minimized Gon and Killua’s role a lot, which is somewhat surprising. Starting the whole thing off with the two of them and Kite certainly helped and it laid down the foundations well, which then let it explore the other aspects here, from the drug runners to the nature of the NGL and the Chimera An’s themselves. And it’s dealt some little twists and turns into it all along the way, including a surprising death. But the leads have been there throughout and it’s been a lot of fun seeing them deal with Kite and the others and to see those bonds explored in simple but effective ways. The shows unusual path so far has largely paid off for me, even though I do want more of the two leads.

The things that Kite has now seen has made it apparent that the Chimera Ants are in control at least within the depths of the NGL and that raises his fears of the Queen being closer to birthing the King, which will be a huge problem. But being unaware of the changes within the Chimera Ants themselves with so many individualistic soldiers in place now, it’s a big question how that will change things overall since some are very close to having some serious infighting going on. The nature of things within this group is really interesting to watch since it’s moving at an accelerated rate, which makes sense with insects, and the breakdown of the dynamic for what has worked before is definitely worth digging into. With some of them lashing out and acting bigger as time goes on, it changes the whole nature of the Chimera Ants and brings in a lot of unpredictability, even as they do generally work towards the same goals as before. But their path of death and bloodshed is brutal and that’s what really stands out.

Thankfully, since I want to see the gang get in on the action, they come across one of the Chimera Ants and that has them getting right into the fight, though Kite kind of warns them off at first. But the kids have a lot of history and ability at hand and seeing them cut loose and go at it impresses not just the audience, but also Kite since he’s not seen them fight yet like this. While it goes on so far, it sets up the first encounter between Kite’s group and the Chimera Ants and that sends ripples on both sides with what they’re capable of and what the potential for trouble is for each of them. While I wanted more of it, we did get some good stuff and it’s interesting seeing the ripple effect within the Chimera Ants themselves with what they see going on and how it can possibly be used against others within in order to gain new position.

In Summary:
Hunter x Hunter puts things into the right place here with Kite realizing what’s going on and having their first encounter with a Chimera Ant. One that has him testing the boys to see if they’re strong enough to stay with him for the mission since there’s a lot at stake and he doesn’t need underpowered Hunters. I loved hid reaction to certain things they did and the general exploration of what’s going on, so the episode worked well for me. The fight, brief as it was, was a welcome return to form for the pair since it’s been a bit since they’ve had some action, but some down time was definitely required as well. All in all, events are starting to come together more, as we’ve seen, and this is the start of the tipping point for bringing it full on when it comes to our lead characters.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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