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Sunrise Bringing More Bandai Entertainment Titles To Other Distributors

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SunriseSunrise held their first panel at Anime Boston this year and talked about a lot of their works over the years, including a fun if short World of Gundam segment that skimmed a lot of material about their premiere franchise. The panel showcased many series that they currently have being released in North America through various distributors, from DVD and Blu-ray to streaming sites, and had a lot of positive reactions to many of their titles, including a lot of applause for Binbogami ga.

At one point during the presentation, they showcased Code Geass: Akito the Exiled, who has its second episode coming out this usmmer in Japan, and saying that they’re working on bringing this and the original series to North America in the future. The two properties have found new homes overseas in the last several months. Interestingly, as the conversation went along at different points, it was made clearer that Sunrise thought a lot of these properties and others that were previously released through Bandai Entertainment would have found new homes. They did indicate that they are working to distribute many of them through others such as Sentai Filmworks, FUNimation and Viz Media, noting that Nozomi Entertainment has just announced Gundam Unicorn.

Though they couldn’t announce anything, they suggested fans keep an ear out for Viz Media when it comes to the first¬†Tiger & Bunny¬†movie as they expect that will be finalized soon. They also showcased the second movie which is due out in February of 2014.

The most obvious title that fans clamored for as the discussion turned was for Cowboy Bebop to get its Blu-ray release in North America.

For reference, here’s a list of titles as compiled in the forums with titles that Sunrise had previously released through Bandai Entertainment:

  1. Angel Links
  2. Argentosama
  3. Banner of the Stars
  4. Banner of the Stars II
  5. Betterman
  6. The Big O
  7. The Big O II
  8. Brain Powered
  9. Code Geass
  10. Code Geass R2
  11. Cowboy Bebop TV
  12. Crest of the Stars
  13. Escaflowne TV
  14. Freedom
  15. Future GPX
  16. Infinite Ryvius
  17. Kurokami
  18. The Girl Who Leapt Through Space
  19. Mobile Suit Gundam TV
  20. Mobile Suit Gundam Movie Trilogy
  21. Gundam: Char’s Counterattack
  22. Gundam F91
  23. Gundam 0080 War In the Pocket
  24. Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory
  25. Gundam 08th MS Team
  26. Gundam Seed
  27. Gundam Seed Destiny
  28. Gundam 00
  29. Gundam 00 A Wakening to the Trailblazer
  30. Gundam Wing
  31. Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
  32. SD Gundam Force
  33. Turn A Gundam
  34. Zeta Gundam
  35. Zeta Gundam A New Translation
  36. My-Hime
  37. My-Otome TV
  38. My-Otome 0~S.ifr~
  39. My-Otome Zwei
  40. Outlaw Star
  41. Overman King Gainer
  42. Planetes
  43. Ronin Warriors
  44. Sacred Seven (they streamed it at least)
  45. S-Cry-Ed TV
  46. SOS Tokyo Metro Explorers
  47. Tales of the Abyss
  48. The Wings of Rean
  49. Witch Hunter Robin
  50. Z-Mind
  51. Zegapain