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Devil Survivor 2 Episode #06 Anime Review

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Devil Survivor 2 Episode 6
Devil Survivor 2 Episode 6
Just when you think things will quiet down a bit, a new attack hits.

What They Say:
Io and Daichi are reunited with Hibiki in Nagoya, just as the next Septentrion is due to attack. Much to everyone’s surprise, the assault comes not in their general area but directly atop them! The three friends find themselves joining forces with Airi and Jungo, two survivors and former JP’s members with an axe to grind against Ronaldo and his band of insurgents. Regardless of background, all will join together to combat the Septentrion threat, until an unexpected ally arrives to turn the tide of battle!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
On a week by week basis, Devil Survivor 2 hasn’t held up too well for among the sea of other shows, though I can see it being one that is tighter and more engaging when you watch a couple of episodes in a row, which I did recently. With the show dealing with the Tuesday segment of the run, we’re still in Nagoya and events have definitely not gone well for Daichi and io as they’ve realized the way everyone else in Japan is coping with the attack and how there are seemingly splinter groups showing up here and there in an effort to control things in their own locale. It also didn’t help that as we saw with Hibiki, he was away from them for a bit too long and that disconnect felt like it reduced him in some ways for me, minimizing his humanity as he was caught up with one particular group and wearing an absolutely goofy hoodie.

Hibiki’s hooking up with Ronaldo is something that definitely fits who Hibiki is since he dislikes the way the JPs were seemingly using anyone and everything in order to achieve their defensive goal. There’s a bit of wide eyed youthful idealism going on there, but it appeals to the target audience, especially since Hibiki’s position gets reinforced with Daichi and Io show up and reveal that they escaped from the JPs, making it clearer that the organization is not one to be trusted all that far. While Hibiki is intent on keeping them out of the impending fight that will happen, the pair are the types that won’t back down considering how their relationship has been, whether it’s just the few days between Io and Hibiki or the lengthier run between Daichi and Hibiki. The trio gained their abilities together and while Hibiki may have gone over the top with what he’s capable of, it makes sense for them to see things through together.

While there’s some decent character material here, the action side is stronger as the latest Septentrion attack hits pretty much in their laps, which is a shock to all involved. With the creative aspects of how the enemies are designed there’s simply a lot of fun watching how they operate and the kind of pushback that’s required from those that can do their Summonings. There’s also some politics drawn into it with the kind of people that are playing their power games here, but that’s second fiddle to the action itself and the push that Hibiki makes when confronted with the man that’s seemingly orchestrating a lot of these events himself in order to play a larger game. It’s an interesting set of situations that are coming about it and it reinforces the way that Hibiki is intent on doing the right thing when confronted with Yamato and having Ronaldo back up Hibiki’s own position. But Hibiki’s positions may not be as solid as some may think since there are so many variables going on here.

In Summary:
Devil Survivor 2 continues to move along in its drama filled way with the emotions of youth determining the path of events as they go up against the more controlled older characters such as Yamato and Ronaldo. Hibiki’s view of the world and events are a simplistic one, but a lot of the problems that he has in really formulating an opinion comes down to the fact that there’s very little real information on hand for him and everything he’s getting is tainted, leaving him to make his best guess based on his gut feelings more than anything else. He’s supported by his friends at this point and that helps, but it’s still putting him in an awkward position where you can’t help to view him as a leaf in the wind of a storm of events, albeit a very powerful leaf.

Grade: B-

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