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Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos W Episode #04 Anime Review

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Nyarko-San W Episode 4
Nyarko-San W Episode 4

In the battle for Mahiro’s affections, poor Tamao seems to have given up the fight. Shame, really…

What They Say:
“I’m the chaos that always crawls up to you with a smile, Nyarlathotep.” A silver haired girl appeared with this nonsensical catch phrase!

The Review:
Tamao may come across as a tomboy in public, but in private it’s all lipstick an lingerie – a side of herself she’d never let on to. As opposed to Nyaruko – having to put up with her endless total honest is Mahiro’s greatest trial. Even going shopping ends up being sidetracked into a date – quite possibly the worst date imaginable. Meanwhile, Tsuruko’s back, and when she sees Mahiro passing by she just can’t resist stalking following him for a while…

After a few weeks of arc, as expected we’re back to things more random this week. I can’t quite decide if it’s an improvement or not, though. Most of the episode revolves around Nyaruko and her continuing efforts to get Mahiro to fall for her charms, which continue to fail miserably – so once again she turns to Tamao for advice. Playing the role of the good friend, Tamao’s happy to oblige, and most of the second half of the episode just has the pair of them sitting in a cafe while Nyaruko vents her frustration, unaware that Tamao’s just as keen on Mahiro as she is. A few scenes dotted throughout the episode give the impression that Tamao may be just about ready to step up to the plate and join the pursuit, though.

Given that Nyaruko, Kuuko, Hasuta and now Tsuruko are already flogging that particular horse to death, though, I really hope Tamao does go there. As much as I like her character, I don’t think I could take any more Mahiro-love in one show.

Not much to get excited about in the bulk of the episode then, but fortunately there are a few little detours along the way to brighten things up, in the form of Shanta-kun’s adventures in MMORPGs (he doesn’t appear to be the world’s greatest gamer, it must be said), and the continuing efforts of illegal alien Tsuruko to get her hands on Mahiro. Of all the girls chasing him, I’m enjoying her efforts the most – even though her doujin mangaka status leads to some in-episode fanboy rage when her fans realise the object of their affections isn’t as pure of mind as they’d believed. That would’ve been funnier were it not for the small fact that there are fans out there who genuinely think that way. Sadly, neither of those sidelines take up more than a small part of the episode and aren’t really enough to save it from itself.

In Summary:
Better than last week, but then that wouldn’t have been hard. At least this week I managed to raise a snigger or too – but Nyarko-san is still spending too much time on aspects of itself that just aren’t all that funny, or at least aren’t that funny if you’re missing a thorough grounding in all the things it’s referencing. I caught quite a few, but I suspect I missed just as many more. Hurry up and be as funny as I know you can be, damn you…

Content Grade: B-

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Nyarko-San W Episode 4 Interior

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