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A Certain Scientific Railgun S Episode #03 Anime Review

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A Certain Scientific Railgun S Episode 3
A Certain Scientific Railgun S Episode 3
Things are really beginning to pick up now, MISAKA states as MISAKA anticipates…

What They Say:
Rumors swirl about that Misaka is the template for a project to produce Level 5 clones. When Nunotaba refers to her as the “Original,” Misaka decides to check her out, and learns that she worked at the hospital where Misaka submitted her DNA map.

The Review:
There’s already been a case of Saten seeing someone who she mistook for Misaka – now some of her classmates are reporting the same thing. There are also rumours on the streets that there’s a plan to clone one of the Level 5 espers, to mass-produce as a living weapon – and that the Railgun’s the Level 5 that’s been chosen. None of which Misaka believes, of course – a story like that couldn’t be true, right? But then, during her meeting with the girl behind the cashcard drops, she’s referred to as ‘the original’ – could the rumours be true?

Upfront praise for this episode: it was over before I knew it, and it felt like five minutes long – it does a stellar job of grabbing your attention and keeping it on the unfolding storyline, and when the final credits rolled, I was “What!? Already?” and howling at the prospect of waiting a week for the next installment.

But before we got to that point… this week’s Railgun uses the pre-credits scene to give a very quick rundown of the rumours that Misaka has heard and dismissed as too outrageous to be true. No prizes for guessing that they’re not, and once the opening credits are out of the way we cut back to the encounter between Misaka and the mysterious girl who’s been leaving cashcards around town: Nunotoba Shinobu, a genius in her field – she was working in biopsychology when most people would still have been in kindergarten, and her expertise saw her drafted in to help in the early stages of a Certain Unethical Cloning Experiment. Guess who they were cloning.

Shinobu’s open enough with Misaka about her involvement, but won’t discuss the details – to her mind, there’s nothing Misaka can do about the plan, so why get involved? – but what little she reveals gives Misaka enough information to start digging around on her own, her investigations eventually leading to the lab where the plan was carried out. Getting there is a neat little infiltration adventure of its own, with Misaka getting a chance to show off the other uses of her electromagnetic control (it’s not just for railguns, kids), and it comes complete with some good moments of tension, mixed with a little comedy.

Throughout the episode, we also get a few scenes to give the other girls a little airtime, with Kuroko using Misaka’s absence to sate her passion for her onee-sama (oh so wrong, but oh so funny), and some nice little slice-of-life as Uiharu, Saten and Haruue sit around, talk and eat snacks. Infiltration action and cute girls doing cute things? Why, Railgun, you really spoil us.

In Summary:
Railgun has barely put a foot wrong this season, and this week kicks what seems to be the main arc for the early part of the series into gear in impressive style. The only thing I didn’t like was the prospect of waiting a week for the next installment. Great stuff.

Content Grade: A

Streamed By: FUNimation

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A Certain Scientific Railgun S Episode 3 Interior

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