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Questioning Fandom: Does Your Significant Other Share Your Fandom?

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ImageThough the usual joke out there is that those that are into genre hobbies tend to be single men and basement dwellers, most fans will tell you that the stereotype isn’t quite true. While watching The Big Bang Theory last night, which I quite enjoy even though it seems many comics/genre fans seem to hate it, dealt with the problem of the “normal” girl Penny feeling out of it because unlike her boyfriend, she doesn’t seem to get really passionate about things like him. Which, of course, are genre things like movies, comics, TV shows and so forth. His enthusiasm in showing her Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series for the first time is how many fans feel when they want to share their passions, but usually it doesn’t seem to “infect” someone else and we tend to retreat a bit from it. But the episode dealt a bit with why she doesn’t have these passions, or why they’re being delayed, and though I didn’t particularly care for part of the response, the overall question does come to mind.

Does your significant other partake in your passions, be they comics, movies, anime, manga and the like?

Having known a lot of anime and manga fans of many ages over the years, I long learned ago to dismiss the stereotype of people being eternally single and unwanted by “normals” as the comedy writing goes. My own experience has been varied, with some that have been into while others have no interest at all. Often it comes down to something where they’ll partake in parts of it, enjoy it for what it is, but it doesn’t inspire them to really delve into it and discover something more, instead keeping it to a more casual experience.

Have you hard partners that are totally into it? Or were they just disinterested and simply accepted it?

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