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Yuyushiki Episode #03 Anime Review

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Yuyushiki Episode 3
Yuyushiki Episode 3
The hot weather is here and the girls are having a hard time with it to say the least.

What They Say:
Yuzuko, Yukari, and Yui explore their new high school for the perfect club to join.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the start of school being dealt with in the first two episodes, the girls are now on summer vacation and definitely making the most of it with seemingly daily trips to the pool. And that means lots of simple and silly fun, especially for Yukari and Yui as they completely get into it in an almost childlike way. The girls are fun to watch in those opening moments as they cope with the heat but also spend copious amounts of time in the water and enjoying that, though it takes a slightly off kilter approach after a bit with how Yukari is just fascinated by the water itself and what it really is and means. It’s simple and takes the show to a slow beat, but one that actually does work well to show the oddness of the girls.

Thankfully, the time isn’t spent entirely at the pool, though there are definitely some fun moments as the trio comes alive in different ways while at play. A lot of the time is spent at different houses where we get to see their lives and how they interact, especially when parents come into the picture (or at least their voices) and we see a few embarrassing situations come to light in a very cute way. It’s kept simple, but the charm of the girls and their expressions just make for a good bit of fun. But it also gets a little pervy in some ways, such as when Yukari and Yuzu are looking forward to a bathing and dressing for bed event with Yui and she’s always jumped ahead of them both by accomplishing all of that before they even realize it.

The in-house stuff is fun and some of the dynamics between the girls is certainly comical, but we also get some time where Yuzu is off on her own and has an amusing encounter with their teacher, though it’s all done from a distance. Mostly I was just surprised to see Yuzu in a book store. The separation of the girls for a bit works nicely, especially since Yukari gets to go on a family vacation and the other two get to see the pictures she sends, which leads to a hilarious little gag about bugs. We get some good time here with the girls outside of school, and their club which had become a bit of a focus in the first two episodes, and this definitely works well to show more sides of them.

In Summary:
While the show has focused on the girls in school for the first two episodes, I’m somewhat surprised to see it take an episode off from that so early on. But it’s rather welcome as we get to see a more expressive and free interpretation of the main trio as they’re not bound by the school dynamic or limited to the particular rooms and scenarios there. Here, we see the fun of the pool for a bit and then move on to a variety of other small subjects, from just hanging out and the oddness that can come from that to seeing them separate for awhile for different reasons. Though I’m still not enamored with the girls or their stories, I’m enjoying it well enough and continue to like the style, animation and general pacing of it. Changing things up like this definitely helps it too.

Grade: B-

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