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Questioning Fandom: The Spring 2013 Anime Season

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JapanWith most series having hit three or four episodes at this point, it’s time to take stock of the season and see how we’re all feeling about it. This season has a long list of shows that have hit and a good majority of them are getting simulcasts or nearcasts, so English speaking fans and many others are able to check them out within hours of showing in Japan. Take a trip back in time ten years and try explaining that magical dream to casual anime fans.

This season is one that I didn’t get too heavily invested in, though I’ve been watching a good number of shows overall. My carryovers from previous seasons and longer ongoings are dominating things for me, such as One Piece, Hunter x Hunter and the continual surprise that Space Brothers is still getting new episodes as it’s a real dark horse show that I never expected to last long – but am hugely thankful that it has.

Of the new season, only one show is potentially on my chopping block so far and that’s Zettai Boei Leviatan, but mostly because it’s just proving to be pretty empty of merit.

The short form shows don’t feel as common as we’ve had before, but I’m completely digging Aiura and even Sparrow’s Hotel is slowly growing on me. I’m surprised by Muromi-san because of its twelve minute runtime and that it manages to do some fun things with it.

Majestic Prince has been a weak offering for me and I feel like bailing, but then I remember that I did twenty-five episodes of Ixion Saga in hopes of that getting better, so I can give this more time.

How’s your season going? What are you trying to convert people to watch and what shows are you avoiding like the plague?

A real surprise for me is that I’m enjoying Devil Survivor 2, since I’ve not been invested in the game world since the very first game.

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