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Toei Unearths ‘Toward The Terra’ Anime Feature For Japanese Blu-ray Release

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Toward The Terra
Toward The Terra

Toei has set another classic for a new lease on life in Japan with news that they’ll be releasing the Toward the Terra movie on Blu-ray on September 13th, 2013. The feature isn’t set to have English subtitles, but it will come with the original mono language in PCM and a new 5.1 mix using the Dolby TrueHD codec. There are a few notices within the text at the Amazon Japan page that there are issues to be had with the source material when it comes to the video and audio, and the translation indicates that there are some “wounds” and unsightly areas on the video.

The feature was previously released in North America by Nozomi Entertainment in 2008 while Bandai Entertainment previously released the more recent TV series remake of the original source material that the feature is based on.

Plot concept: In the future, mankind’s seemingly utopian society is strictly controlled by the government, and anything that threatens to disrupt the status quo is ruthlessly suppressed. When 14-year-old Jomy begins to question the way the society is run, he suddenly becomes a target for both the government and the Mu, an outcast race with extra-sensory abilities who have been fighting against the government for generations. Now, each is determined to hunt him down – one to kill him and the other to save him.

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