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Muromi-san Episode #03 Anime Review

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Muromi-san Episode 3
Muromi-san Episode 3
A grudge as old as time.

What They Say:
One day, Mukoujima Takurou, a boy in high school who loves fishing, catches a pig tailed mermaid called Muromi-san who speaks in the Hakata dialect. She comes to visit Takurou often, along with her fellow mermaids Sumida-san, Fuji-san, Levia-san, Hii-chan, and even some other fantastical creatures such as Yeti and Harpy!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Muromi-san has certainly been an interesting show in its first two episodes as it got the basics in and introduced us to more mermaids, an expected development even if it’s one that kind of busies up the show a bit. With this one, we get to deal with some dolphins, especially as Hii-chan is so in love with them and swims with them while doing numerous tricks. But we also see the dark side to dolphins as Muromi simply despises them because of the way they get so much praise for doing so little, particularly with the dolphin shows where there are all sorts of adoring fans. Of course, there’s also a touch of superiority to the dolphins when it come sto how they mess with her, so it does work out in its own way with how the two side are kind of adversarial.

Muromi’s issues with aquatic mammals does go into the distant past, if you believe her, with a cute scene from two million years ago. It’s amusing to see the way some of the creatures interact with each other and how she just feels betrayed by them, especially with how the descendants have it so easy now. The show does try to get her to understand them a bit more, with Hii-chan doing her best to get Muromi comfortable with the dolphins – so she can work her way up to whales, but Muromi’s personality is one that really doesn’t allow for it – to good comical effect. They run a few methods with it in order to ease her into it, but it’s when the show gets into Levia throwing a mixer in order to get her more used to them in social situations that I just had to laugh with all the puns and silliness of it all.

In Summary:
Muromi-san manages to have another amusing episode where it lets her blunt and aggressive personality work in its favor. One of the better parts was that Takkun has no role here, so they don’t try to force him into each episode in a way that just drains the fun and energy from it. Focusing on Muromi and her issues with other creatures of the seas – that dates back quite a few years – definitely makes for some fun. The dolphins in particular manage to have some good lines and you can easily see how they’d be completely manipulative of her in the long run just to mess with her.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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