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Chi’s New Address Season 3 Anime Review (Episodes #53-78)

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Chi's New Address Season 3
Chi’s New Address Season 3
The world continues to open up for Chi as she hangs with her friends and enjoys the company of her family.

What They Say:
A heart-warming story of a kitten’s daily adventures and its owner family.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The life of a cat continues to be amusing as we see Chi getting more involved with all the characters that now exist in her new world at her new home. But as much fun as the various animals are that she gets to deal with, I have to admit a certain affection for the parents that we have for this series. The first episode of the season brings us to a bit of a tennis trip for the family as they go to play on the court and there’s some obvious fun when it comes to Chi getting caught up in a basket of tennis balls. But what really won me over with it is seeing the way that Yohei’s parents reveal the story of how they met back in college and the whole tennis club romance that bloomed from it. The two of them are just so cute, even if Chi does cause a bit of a scene during it.

This season runs through a lot of smaller stories without too much in the way of an overreaching piece to deal with, at least until towards the end of it. Chi gets to be involved in a lot of fun, from spending time with Fuji where she causes some adorable trouble that paints her as an almost heir apparent to the legendary title to causing a whole lot of trouble for the family whens he ruins the bamboo tree that the family go for tanabata. There’s also an utterly adorable somen episode where Dad builds the elaborate contraption for the somen scooping and everyone gets into it and Chi shows that she’s a real natural at it all. Of course, she gets too involved in the whole process and ends up riding the water wave to the bucket at the bottom, but that’s just too adorable for words to begin with.

Where the show does have some extended fun is when Chi’s out and about and ends up getting caught in the rain. Chi’s not one to really think things through, kitten that she is, and it’s adorable seeing her going from one bad situation to another and getting soaked. She does get some tentative help from Tama with it as the two run into each other, but they have some fun adventures all on their own while trying to stay dry. Tama continues to be an interesting addition to the show since she spends so much of her time talking about her past, while saying she doesn’t want to, only to have Chi get distracted by some shiny and not listen to her anyway. She has an interesting past and you do wonder if there is a larger connection between the two. Tama also provides a nice connection to the conclave of cats that exists under Fuji and that makes for some amusing times as she can’t believe what Chi gets into.

Time at home continues to be an important part of Chi’s life as well and that leads to endless bits of fun, particularly since Mom and Dad are just adorable when it comes to her. Mom discovers that Chi is not easily swayed by the vacuum with what needs being done, but she also discovers that he loves having it run over his back as it’s like a massage. There’s also an adorable competition between Mom and Dad over who actually understands Chi better, but that just reinforces the bonds of the “siblings” that Yohei and Chi share. Yohei really is a fun little boy to watch as he’s so nice that you often spend some episodes wondering which perverted and twisty anime character he’d grow into when he’s older and in a typical romantic comedy of some sort. It probably involves catgirls.

In Summary:
Chi’s New Address doesn’t go big with these episodes or have any really strong arc throughout them, though it does start to move the ball forward towards the end with a trip to Hokkaide to see Yohei’s aunt Juri, which puts the family in a whole new situation. Within the episodes that we get here as a whole, it’s a lot of exploration for Chi in her world and she continues to be endlessly fascinated by it all. And seeing the world through her simple and energetic eyes full of wonder makes for some short episodes that are simply engaging and delightful to watch. With a solid cast as its foundation, the third season of Chi’s New Address continues to fun and left me delighted with what goes on here.

Grade: B+

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