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Chi’s New Address Season 1 Anime Review (Episodes #1-26)

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Chi's New Address Season 1
Chi’s New Address Season 1
When the family hits up some new digs, it’s another whole new world for Chi to explore.

What They Say:
A heart-warming story of a kitten’s daily adventures and its owner family.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
After the success of the first season, and the ongoing nature of the manga, in 2009 we saw another season of Chi’s Sweet Home under the name Chi’s New Address. Over four seasons, the show added to the world of Chi as every night we got three more minute of fun with one of the most adorable animated cats ever. The first series did a solid job of introducing us to Chi, the family that she ended up with and her adventures in discovering what they’re like, her surroundings in the house and plenty of exploration around the neighborhood as well. Which was tough at times because there was a no-pets rule in the apartment that the family had, so they were always trying to be careful and cautious with her, which Chi rarely went along with or helped with in any serious way.

With this season, things kick off in a bad place for Chi as Yohei’s aunt has offered to take in Chi since there are the aforementioned problems with the apartment. The problem is that the aunt lives all the way in Hokkaido, and while it may be good for Chi, it’s not good for the family. The struggle of the parents plays out nicely as we see the way Chi and Yohei are like young siblings in a way with how they play, and the parents don’t know how to tell him what’s going to happen. But when Yohei finds out after the schedule is moved up, it sets into motion the chain of events that gets the series really moving. With Chi and Yohei on the run, the family ends up stumbling into a nearby apartment block that actually allows pets and that gives the parents the idea of moving. Which is never an easy decision overall, but Chi is such a part of the family that they can justify it well enough.

And hence Chi’s New Address. The show spends a few episodes going through the difficulties of packing and moving with a very, very curious kitten like Chi, including her getting stuck in a box that’s taped up and dealing with being locked in the bathroom while the movers arrive and haul everything out. Cardboard is a huge temptation and then finding her scent gone on most things, and most things gone as well, is something that freaks her out easily enough. But that’s nothing compared to what happens when she gets to explore her new place. With a cat door that she struggles to figure out, a second level with some stairs that definitely panic her and the lack of scent everywhere, she’s off like a rocket to explore, mark and get into trouble with as she goes around the new place. Her excitement is great to watch, but there are a few scary moments for her as well which is adorable.

What’s also welcome in this season as it gets rolling along is that the family goes through the usual range of introductions with the neighbors. Being connected as they are and having small back yards that are walled off with bushes, the family brings Chi along to meet the other pets that may exist there. Which is pretty varied compared to the dogs and cats we saw before. We get a very proper cat named Alice who shows some kitten-like aspects at times, a well trained but goof dog named David, an adorable rabbit named Mi-chan that Chi can’t figure out what it is and even a parakeet named Lucky that Chi views as nothing but food. So with those neighbors to meet and plenty of time spent exploring the immediate area, Chi’s life is busy, fun and definitely smile inducing.

In Summary:
Having enjoyed the first series a lot and enjoying the manga as released by Vertical, it was definitely time to dig into the second series a bit and see how they adapted it. This first season of twenty-six episodes provides for a good deal of fun as we get the bit of drama at the first, the segment of uncertainty as the move gets underway and then the joy and panic that comes from the discovery of a new home. Chi’s New Address may change up the supporting characters here after the events of the first series, I lament the loss of Blackie after they moved at the end of that series, but with the wider variety of animals here and the change in the location with all that it offers, Chi’s New Address is just a new place with a lot of the same things and that just makes it a whole lot of fun.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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