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Pony Canyon Sets Complete Japanese ‘Aiura’ Anime DVD/BD Release

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One of the upsides to the short-form anime series is that it is pretty easy to collect, though a big hit for one release that often doesn’t amount to too much. Pony Canyon has announced its release plans for the new short-form series Aiura. The DVD and Blu-ray editions will land in Japan on August 7th for 7140 yen on Blu-ray and 5460 for the DVD. The Blu-ray edition will also land you a bit more as it comes with a CD. Both editions will have all twelve episodes of the series and come with a booklet as well.

The series is currently simulcasting on Crunchyroll worldwide outside of Japan for premium members.

Plot concept: They don’t always see eye-to-eye, but that just makes these high school girls’ daily lives more fun. “Their lives happen when nothing is happening” in this anime based on the lackadaisical four-panel manga. *This story features high school girls, but there’s not much romance, and comedy has its place. Don’t expect too much extravagance.

[Source: Aiura]

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